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Outlast 2 Escape the Scalled, Find a Way Back to the Mines – Walkthrough Part 8

by Josh Hawkins

After you fall from the railroad bridge, you awaken hanging from a tree. In this section of Outlast 2 you’ll have to avoid several enemies from a new faction, the Scalled, while also looking for a way back up to the path that leads toward the mines. This area can be very confusing, so we’ll do our best to walk you through this portion of the game and help you outrun the newest threat you’re introduced to.

Find a way Back to the Mines

After you awaken and find yourself hanging upside down, wait for a massive creature to pass in front of you. Once it’s passed, you should get a quicktime event that will let you free yourself.

Once you have regained control, pop on your Night Vision if you need it, and make your way forward through the woods. Look for a stream that you can follow off to the left of where you landed. This should lead you forward in the direction that you need to go.

Make your way down the stream, through some bushes, and look for a document next to a dead body. Continue forward and you should spot a tree trunk that you can walk up to pass over several rocks blocking the path.

Keep pressing forward and follow the stream until you have to crawl under a set of logs blocking the path. Now, look for a log that you can climb through. Crawl through it, and out the other side. Continue following the stream forward, and around a short curve to a fence. Record the fence, then turn off to the left and make your way down the various jumps and into a canyon.

Push forward, around the canyon turns and grab any documents that you see along the way. You should reach another stream, which leads to a rock that you can crawl under. Crawl under the rock, and make your way through the camp with the fire in the center of it.

Keep pushing forward, and head inside the nearby building to find a hole that you can crawl through. Head outside, and make your way down the stream. A document can be found at the end of the stream, inside a cave with several Scalled.

Escape the Scalled

Once you have the document, head back out the cave and take a right, moving towards a campfire in another camp. Proceed past it, and watch out for the Scalled with the machete up the hill. Run past him, and up the path to the right. Keep running up the hill, past the various camps that have been setup.

At this point you get another good look at the creature you saw at the start of this section. Record it through the fencing, and then head up the hill to the left. Continue up the path until you spot a rock with bloody handprints on it. Climb up here, and then shimmy along the ledge to reach another set of rocks that you can climb up. Keep climbing until you are knocked back down.

At this point the creature you saw near the start of this section begins to pursue you. Run past where it enters the area, and head through the pushes. There’s only one real way forward, so go until you reach a campfire and shimmy through a small area into a house.

You’ll suddenly be inside of a locker, back in the catholic school. At this point, wait for the man outside to leave, then head out the locker and chase after Jessica. Eventually she leads you to a room with a computer that you can interact with and read an email on. Read the email, then head back out of the room and into the hallway once more. Turn to your left, and head down the hall towards a bathroom, and then take a right. Something weird will happen, record it with your camera, then take off down the hall after Jessica.

Turn to the right, and run to the end of the hall, where you hear singing. You should be able to see the hangman mural on a wall through the window on the door. Use the step stool in front of the door to reach a set of vents, that you can climb through.

Now you’re back in the real world, crawling through a log. Crawl to the end to trigger a long cutscene, which ends with Blake in a fairly distressing position. This is also the first time that you’re formally introduced to Laird and Nick, the deformed creature that you just ran away from.

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