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The Order: 1886 Chapter 7: The Knighthood – Marquis De Lafayette

by Prima Games Staff

Put those controllers down, as this chapter doesn’t require players to be even remotely conscious in order to complete it. In fact, if it weren’t so heavy on the plot details we’d advise heading for the kitchen and snagging a drink and a sandwich. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not complaining about this chapter at all, we’re just pretty impressed that we can complete it from another room in our house.

For those wondering why we bothered to write a walkthrough (although we’d hardly call it that) for this chapter, it’s because we dislike things not being complete and full. We would find it more odd to leave this chapter out than we do explaining why we’re including it.

What we will say about this sequence, however, is that it’s definitely worth sitting through, as the plot behind The Order: 1886 is pretty amazing. This also explains to gamers how the Blackwater works, as well as why we might be calling Marquis De Lafayette by the name Sir Perceval from here on out.

For easy navigation, head back to our main walkthrough for The Order: 1886. It’s there that gamers can jump between chapters as they see fit. For anyone ready to get right back into the action, go straight to The Order: 1886 Chapter 8: Under Siege.

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