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The Order: 1886 Chapter 4: An Endless Battle – Win the Lycan Boss Fight

by Prima Games Staff

The first part of this mission, while creepy, is just a lot of wandering around. Sir Galahad and Lady Igraine will need to Use the Underground to Get to the Hospital, but the path is quite linear and will eventually lead to a dead end. This will cause players to backtrack the way they came in order to Find Another Way to the Exit. This is about the time two Rebels will appear, and it seems to us they could use some bullets in their brain.

As players continue on there will be more Rebels ahead, but in each case there is ample cover to use in order to minimize the damage to the Knights of the Round Table. Just keep killing Rebels and moving until a cut scene sees Galahad and Igraine travel up an escalator and make their entry into the hospital. There will be a body or two to investigate, as well as an Inspectable Item on the desk, but other than that gamers should head down the hallway on the right, taking out the two Rebels and updating the directive.

With Galahad and Igraine splitting up, players will now want to (probably not) Investigate the Basement. Just wander around, moving room to room and interacting with what’s available. After a few moments another cut scene (there are a lot of them) will play and introduce the first boss fight of the game in the form of a Lycan Elder.

When players regain control, the Lycan Elder will be in hot pursuit, but luckily Galahad can put some bullets in the beast while running for his life. It won’t work however, and gamers will be thrown into a series of cut scenes that toss in some quick time events. This all ends when the beast smells blood, at which point the game prompts players to press R1 to stun the Lycan Elder, escaping for the time being.

Run away in the only direction available, heading up some stairs and locking the beast in the basement. Sprint around the room to Find Igraine, then chat with her briefly before the boss fight really kicks off.

The first boss fight comes with a directive to Defeat the Lycan Elder, something that isn’t terribly hard on the Easy or Medium difficulties. That’s because on Easy, players can take eight hits from their foe, while those fighting on Medium can take four. It’s the gamers that want to play it on Hard that can only take two, giving them a real challenge, and one that we would have failed (we played on Medium).

The bulk of the boss fight will require two concepts. The first one is dodging the Lycan Elder’s attacks, and the second is striking back at the beast when possible. The dodging is done by pressing the right stick in the direction indicated on the screen the moment that it pops up. Striking back involves L2 for weak attacks, and R2 for strong attacks. Players will need to dodge the Lycan Elder when it lunges, then strike back before it can do so again.

Tip: We just dodged for a little bit to get the hang of the game mechanic. Don’t rush this fight.

The boss fight will switch back and forth between what we’ve described above, as well as some quick time events that will see Lady Igraine jump into the action. Just push the buttons on-screen when prompted. After a short cut scene, Search the Rebel Hideout.

The Rebel hideout will contain several Inspectable Items, and players will need to grab them all before they can progress the story forward. These include two Phonographic Cylinders, a Photo, Manifest and Uniforms. When players have them all they’ll be prompted to Get Igraine and Leave the Hospital, something that will bring about the end of chapter cut scene.

For easy navigation, head back to our main walkthrough for The Order: 1886. It’s there that gamers can jump between chapters as they see fit. For anyone ready to get right back into the action, go straight to The Order: 1886 Chapter 5: Agamemnon Rising.

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