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The Order: 1886 Chapter 3: Inequalities – Little Big Planet Easter Egg

by Prima Games Staff

The first order of business (see what we did there?) will be to Get to the Hospital Undetected. It’s a directive that doesn’t involve any combat, but does feature two Inspectable Items that we’ll chat about in a separate article in the coming days.

Follow Lafayette through the narrow streets, interacting with the world as necessary. It’s just a lot of walking and talking, with players occasionally having to press the Triangle button to open a door. After a short cut scene that shows a stuffed Queen being hanged at some gallows, Sir Galahad and Lafayette will need to Head Through the Alleyway to reach Aux Belles Muses. This is done by squeezing through the small crack in the wall toward where a woman is being assaulted by a thug.

Follow the on-screen prompts to take out the thug, then speak to the woman before turning left and approaching the door that leads to the directive. This will prompt Sir Galahad to bust out his lock pick and enter players into yet another mini-game.

To pick the lock, press and hold the L2 button while moving the right stick around. The controller will be vibrating at first, but this will turn to a rumble when the tumbler pin is in the correct position. When that happens, press R2 to snap it into place, then move on to the second and third pins.

Shortly after moving through the door, Sir Galahad and Lafayette will be forced to give up their guns, and this is the queue for players to snatch up three more Inspectable Items. Since we’re not focusing on those for this walkthrough, grab them at will and then move to the far end of the establishment to meet up with Lafayette and his two lady friends.

Head upstairs to Find a Way to the Hospital, beating up the naked guy when you interrupt his personal business. With that uncomfortable confrontation out of the way, walk out to the balcony and climb up on the roof to the left. The following few minutes of game play will be about climbing and moving along a linear path. Just make sure to press the Circle button to have Galahad drop below the window where the Rebels are meeting, and then to jump to the open room when the bundle of materials blocks the path. In that room will be wheel that can be turned, resulting in the bundle being moved and the path forward cleared.

Tip: There are two Phonographic Cylinders in this area, but as mentioned earlier we’ll be covering those in a separate feature in a few days.

With that bundle out of the way, climb up into the nearby window and work through it to the bottom floor. Once there, snap into cover and at the edge of the wall, peeking out and killing the two guards with well placed headshots. We’d advise picking up their primary weapons once their down, then moving along until a cut scene plays back at the gallows.

Fight Through the Rebel Ambush, something that is fairly straightforward and similar to what players went through with Lady Igraine a couple of chapters ago. The only difference here is that there are Rebel Snipers in the windows that need to be taken out. These should be the top priorities for Galahad and Lafayette, as these guys can put a hurt on our hero with just one bullet.

When the Rebel Snipers are down, kill everyone on the ground level, grabbing up any dropped goods and heading up the stairs of the building on the left. The sniper’s bodies will be laying on the floor, but we opted to leave their weapons with them. They’re powerful, but lack the agility required for the up close encounters that are coming up.

Fight through another wave of Rebels after leaving the building with the dead snipers. They don’t rush, so grab some cover and take the time to make the shots count. With the enemies down, move forward until breaking through a wooden barricade and dropping down. This will kick off the most intense combat that players have seen so far.

Don’t bother going down to where the thick of the action is, choosing instead to stay behind the brick walls where Galahad and Lafayette dropped down. The problem with this fight are the Rebel Grenadiers and Rebel Shotgunners, the latter of which will rush Galahad no matter where he hides. If Lafayette calls out that they’re inbound, focus should immediately switch to neutralizing them. They tend to come in pairs, so players will want to ensure not to let their guard down after only one drops.

Tip: There are red barrels around the area that the Rebels attack from. Shoot these to take out clusters of bad guys with one bullet.

When Lafayette gives the all-clear, loot the bodies of the fallen and Find a Way to the Rooftops. This is done by moving a cart into place, then climbing up and continuing forward along the linear path. Soon after, a cut scene will transition players to a few quick directives.

Grab the TS-28 Monocular to Locate Perceval and Igraine, after which Galahad will need to Locate Airship Sentinel 5. This is done by looking around the viewable area, then zooming in when players think they have spotted their targets. The next directive will be to Use the Monocular to Signal Sentinel 5, something that can be done by following the on-screen tutorial and using the touchpad. In case it’s not clear, however, pressing the touch pad quickly will input a dot, and holding it for a second a dash. Players need to input one dot, four dashes and then one more dot to finish things off.

The time has come for Lafayette and Sir Galahad to Rendezvous with Perceval and Igraine. This will have the players jump to a nearby building, and when they enter they can find the Stuffed Doll Inspectable Item, which to us looked like a Sackboy or Sackgirl from Little Big Planet. Check out the Easter egg, then move along until jumping on the head of a foe and entering into a quick time event.

The objective will remain the same for a moment, but players will now be in possession of the M86 Thermite Rifle. Take cover behind the open pillar near the street, then pop out and aim the weapon using the L2 button. From there, press R2 to fire a cloud of thermite particles, then R1 while aiming in the same direction to ignite it. In the video at the bottom of the page we sort of got this backwards, but managed to pull things off just the same.

After taking out several of the Rebels the directive will update and ask that players Ignite the Thermite Distillery, which is done by aiming through the big hole in the wall and setting it ablaze. It’s a simple directive, as is the one that follows it which requires Galahad to Get the Constable inside. Head into the street and help drag the man to safety, while simultaneously engaging the pursuing rebels. Don’t miss.

After a short cut scene on the first floor of the now burned out thermite distillery, head outside and cook the advancing Rebels. Sir Perceval, Lady Igraine and Lafayette will assist, so the fight is fairly simple to win. A little further on, however, players will be introduced to the Rebel Heavy, a man who is also packing the M86 Thermite Rifle. Hit him hard and often, because if he hits Galahad, players will know it.

When the Rebel Heavy has fallen, Help Perceval with the Cart, then Plant the Thermite on the Bridge. The remaining parts of the chapter are as simple as moving along the linear path, then enjoying the cut scene that will progress the story forward.

For easy navigation, head back to our main walkthrough for The Order: 1886. It’s there that gamers can jump between chapters as they see fit. For anyone ready to get right back into the action, go straight to The Order: 1886 Chapter 4: An Endless Battle.

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