Telltale Games continues to strike gold with episodic content, proved by the fun spin-off series, Minecraft: Story Mode. We already walked you through Episode 1 and Episode 2, and now we begin Episode 3, The Last Place You Look!

Following Ivor's escape (and everyone still being in slow motion), you'll have a few words, then check on either Petra or Gabriel, depending on who's in your party. Once you pull out the amulet, Lukas will fight with Jesse over it. Use the on-screen actions to pull it away, and it'll begin to glow. Head to the right and you'll see a glowing white spot appear on the floor. Follow the action commands, and you'll begin to dig a tunnel.

You can either throw down the amulet or head down with it in hand. If you go down, you'll have to fight some bats with quick actions. Otherwise, throw the amulet and you'll startle them away. Now you can continue.

Walk a ways and you'll find a Grinder. Don't get stuck inside it. Instead, turn around and take care of the Creepers that sneak up on you, and the last one will create a hole in the wall.

Drop the amulet a couple of floors and you'll find a platform to jump to. Climb down to it and you'll come across some quick action commands to complete as the credits start.

You'll meet back with the team at this point, with a few enemies appearing afterwards. Complete a few more actions and you'll be able to save either Petra or Gabriel (depending on your party) and find a portal to go through.

From here, you'll see Soren far off. At this point, you need to get past the Enderman, making one of two choices – either follow Lukas or go yourself. Lukas may be disappointed if you choose yourself, but you can continue either way.

Get past the Endermen by simply going forward, and you'll come to some stairs and a ladder. Head on up and you'll get to a new area where everything is made from yarn. Find the three levers (the first one behind Petra/Gabriel) and begin a discussion with them before pulling it. Look for the next one between Axel and Olivia, and pull that one as well.

Go back over to Lukas and speak with him about either Petra or Gabriel. Once done, you'll need him to move to activate the final lever. Look for a button right next to Olivia and Axel to press it, going into Soren's home as a result.

Go down the dining hall and take a turn to the right into a nearby hallway. You'll open a door and see a record player. Go ahead and play a record on it, then look to the right to spot a chest. Open it up and you can pick up some blueprints. Go to the bottom floor where you'll see four clay blocks, along with a block on the top floor. The last one will be outside, and you can reach it in a second.

You'll see an Endermen costume. Interact with it real quick, then head inside and look for a door on the left hand side, which will take you back outside.

The Endermen will hold the final block. Use your actions to quickly grab it, then head to the crafting table as the Endermen freaks out.

Follow the blueprint and place the blocks on there, with the five clay blocks in the left column and bottom row, and the last block in the upper right corner. After doing that, a few Endermen will appear, followed by Soren, who will knock you out cold.

Soren will then have a conversation after you wake up, talking about the Formitibomb. As he sings (and brings in more Endermen), that'll be your cue to sneak out and head into a nearby hallway.

Find the fountain and use a quick action to let the water out. There will also be a second fountain nearby you need to drain. Once that's done, leave the home, but watch out for some Endermen waiting for you.

Get your group together, then make your way to the bridge. The Endermen will catch up again and you'll have to head into the water. Find the nearby water tower and flip the switch, which should activate a fire suppression system. This will allow the water to rise, though you'll still be in it.

Go underwater, but before you escape, make sure you save Petra or Gabriel (depending on your party), as they'll fall behind. Eventually, by hitting the right actions, you'll get through a trap door.

Look for some enemies nearby the next portal. You'll want to hit the switch (within the doorway) to allow Soren's inventions to take care of them.

At this point, Soren will begin working on the Formitibomb, but you'll need to find some Gun Powder from the nearby chests. Use the button on the other side of the room to open a nearby door, which will bring mine carts in.

A few more Endermen will appear, and you and your group will need to leave using the carts. From there, you'll run smack dab into the Wither Storm, where you need to make a decision once you meet up with Ellegaard and Magnus. You can either choose Ellegaard's or Magnus' armor, but be warned – by choosing that coordinating character's armor, they'll eventually die as a result, so choose wisely.

You'll head towards the Wither Storm and use the action commands until you get to a crafting table. Finish building the Formitibomb by putting the TNT in the center and surrounding it with gunpowder. The Wither Storm will activate a ray at this point, trying to draw you away.

Once you follow a few action commands to escape, finish building the Formitibomb and you'll be able to hurl it at the Wither Storm, taking it down and keeping your friends safe. All of the people it sucked up will now be freed, though you now have to deal with your dying ally, depending on whom you chose. Once that's done, go to the Wither Storm's corpse and assist the survivors.

The Command Block, located right in the center, will still be intact. It'll attempt to resurrect at this point, although Petra or Gabriel (depending on party) will save Jesse at the last minute – and that's how this episode ends.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for a walkthrough on Episode 4: A Block and a Hard Place.