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Minecraft Story Mode Episode 2: Assembly Required Walkthrough

by Prima Games Staff

This feature provides a walkthrough for Minecraft Story Mode Episode 2: Assembly Required.

The story kicks off with either Axel or Olivia (depending on who you choose) riding with Jesse in the mine cart. You’ll eventually get thrown off and a Ghast will appear. You can use either arrows or a sword to bring it down (your choice, both are effective), and then proceed to get back into the mine cart and head to the portal.

You’ll eventually get to a town called Redstonia, where Ellegaard will work herself up to the dome and you can speak to Calvin. However, in order to open the gate and continue on your journey, you’ll need to find a Repeater.

Talking to various townsfolk in the city is helpful becasuse you’ll learn how to get a Repeater. The first way is to build it. You can visit the south side and chat with Sandy, then hit the level to send her flying and grab the nearby material, located in a chest; you can also search the chest by the TNT cannon, near the old man. Once that’s done, talk to the lady with the Cowapult to make her stop in her tracks, then chat with the Farmer to get the remaining materials. Now you can build the Repeater. 

If you prefer something quicker, you can steal the Repeater by chatting with the Lava Disco Creator and he’ll explain what the Schoolboy is all about. You’ll be able to go over to said Schoolboy, and this will lead to the two of them fighting. As they brawl, the Repeater will be on the right hand side. Just pick it up and go.

Simply put the Repeater in the spot by the gate and it’ll open, allowing you to go inside. Find the switch by the front of the door and activate it, then walk through. The Repeater will come in handy to keep the next door stable, and you need to time your push to get in. From there, find the level, pull it and then utilize the nearby zipline. This should take you to Ellegaard.

A conversation will ensue where you have to decide whether or not you’ll help her build a command block. You might as well say yes, since the story moves more forward this way. Commands will then appear. Follow them and you’ll be able to craft. However, you won’t get very far, as a Wither storm will arrive and put you on the run.

While leaving town and making your way towards the waiting portal, complete some quick-time events to avoid obstacles. From there, you’ll be safe back in the temple.

It’s here where you’ll run into Lucas, who will allow you entry. You’ll encounter Petra or Gabriel, depending on your choice from the first episode. They’ll both have similar dialogue, so it’s not a huge difference maker. You’ll either go up to meet Magnus or Ellegaard, again depending on who you saved. You’ll chat for a bit, and then put an amulet on a pedestal, which will give you an idea of the last hero you’re looking for.

Ivor’s also around, and you can decide whether you want to stay comfortably in the temple for the night, or leave and try to take on Ivor. Your best bet is to head off and fight, since that’ll keep the story moving.

As you do this, you’ll talk with your team and eventually come into contact with zombies. Use either your sword or arrows to defeat them (both work well) and then head to the tower, where you’ll find the final hero.

There are a few commands to follow as you make your way over the pit of Endermen and eventually a central area where Magnus and Ellegaard will split up. You can choose whichever one you want, but you’ll end up in the same spot.

Now we come to the final chapter of Episode 2. You’ll speak with Petra as she talks about the Wither sickness, only for a Creeper to show up and explode out of nowhere. Jesse will fall on the floor, but you’ll be able to use a pendant to get through the next hallway, leading to a library. Keep going and you’ll eventually run into Ivor.

Petra will reappear and you’ll have the option to jump in and fight. Go ahead and do so, then follow the quick-time events. Once you complete these, Ivor will get cornered by the members of your squad, but will escape due to possessing a splash potion of slowness. That concludes this chapter.

We’ll cover Episode 3: The Last Place You Look early next week! In the meantime, be sure to check out part one of our walkthrough, for The Order of the Stone!


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