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Metal Gear Solid 5: Mission 06 – Where Do the Bees Sleep?

by Prima Games Staff

For this article, we will guide you through Where Do the Bees Sleep, a main story mission in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. Your goal is to infiltrate the enemy base to locate and find the Honey Bee. Follow our steps and you should accomplish this mission with little trouble.

Begin by dropping in the only landing zone available, and prepare to trek down a long winding road. You may notice quite a bit of enemies stationed along the way, but you should be able to avoid most of them and continue towards your objective. 

Keep going until you discover an outpost ahead. Clear the outpost if you wish to gather some extra materials and loot from this area. You can also avoid this outpost entirely by taking the path off to the right, which is actually a shortcut back to the main road. 

Continue riding forward until you encounter the Mountain Relay Base. Dismount and use your binoculars to scan the area. You are at the correct area if you notice some scaffolding down in the ravine. The base seems to occupy a large expanse of land, which can seem a bit daunting at first, but we assure you it won’t be that difficult to navigate. 

You have several options for how you wish to handle this location. You can move past the area, leaving the enemy soldiers unharmed, or you can slowly eliminate soldiers and loot the area as you go. The difficulty of this area is pretty low, but you are free to proceed as you wish. We chose to stealthily move along the left side of the road, bypassing most of the area and only taking down a few soldiers along the way.

Once past the Mountain Relay Base, keep an eye out for two more outposts along the way as you head toward the base where your objective is located.  There are three soldiers stationed at the first outpost, and you can choose to walk up and eliminate these guys or simply sneak past them. If you approach, just make sure not to let them use radios to alert their buddies.

Continue forward and you should discover a road leading up to another outpost on top of a hill.  Ocelot will have likely just told you about an enemy gunship in the area, meaning you are in the right place. Rather than following the road straight to the outpost, you should instead opt to take the path at the base of the hill to the left.   

Go prone and prepare for lots of crawling as you head northwest. If need be, check your iDROID for a better idea of what’s around you. There should be two rock formations to the north, with the right one slightly larger than the left one. Make your way through these structures and you’ll end up back at the road. Be mindful of the helicopter and searchlight overhead as you crawl through this area. Stay prone when the chopper nears your position and proceed when it moves away. This shouldn’t be too difficult. Just take your time and hide in nearby bushes when necessary. 

Once you make your way through the rock formations and get back onto the road, head to the right.  You should discover a path off to the left that leads to Da Smasei Laman, according to your iDROID.  Take the left path and continue along until you discover a cliff overlooking the base.  Spend some time marking as many enemies as possible to keep track of their positions. Also note that the area to your left is where you will find the prisoner who will help you locate the Honey Bee. 

Before you proceed, take out the soldier in the guard tower using your suppressed weapon, ensuring safe travels. Afterwards, drop down the left side of the cliff.  Follow along the left wall, leading to a small cache of materials and Rough Diamonds. Loot what you can and proceed toward the three guards near the prisoner. 

Follow carefully as the prisoner leads the soldiers to the fort, keeping to their left. As they pass a solitary guard, you can opt to take him out with your tranquilizer dart. Keep in mind the effects of the dart are temporary, so the soldier will eventually wake up again. Move efficiently through the area and this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. 

Following the prisoner and soldiers will eventually lead you to the location of the Honey Bee weapon. Carefully evade any additional patrols you may encounter along the way, using your tranquilizer when you can. The prisoner and soldiers may wander further ahead in the process, but it is worth preventing their comrades from sounding the alarms. 

Once you reach an open area with a small pool of water, you know the Honey Bee is close by. To the left you should find a series of rooms, the last of which should have a stone corridor leading to a small back room. Look beside a box on the floor and locate a container with the coveted Honey Bee inside. Once you obtain the weapon, it’s time to head out. 

When you call in your helicopter and prepare to leave, you’ll be interrupted by the Skulls once again. Luckily, you happen to have a new powerful weapon at your disposal.  After a brief cut scene, equip the Honey Bee in your weapon list and prepare to bust some Skulls.  Wait for it to lock on after you aim at an enemy and you should make short work of the Skulls. Once you’ve cleared the area, hop into a nearby jeep and make a mad dash for the extraction zone, concluding the mission. 

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