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Metal Gear Solid 5: Mission 08 – Occupation Forces

by Prima Games Staff

This guide will help you earn an S Rank score in the Occupation Forces mission of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, as well as list the primary and optional objectives available for this mission. Keep in mind you must earn at least 130,000 points to achieve an S Rank, but completing all the objectives is not required. Your best bet is to shoot for the time bonus to help maximize your score. 


  • Secure the deployment plans (Optional).
  • Eliminate the colonel (Mandatory).
  • Eliminate all tanks (Mandatory).
  • Extract the colonel (Optional).
  • Eliminate the colonel and all tanks before they reach Smasei Fort (Optional).
  • Extract the prisoner held at Qarya Sakra Ee (Optional).
  • Extract all tanks – Requires Cargo 2 Fulton upgrade (Optional).   


Begin this mission by arriving in the landing zone to the east of Qarya Sakra Ee. We have once again opted to infiltrate at 18:00 hours during the cover of darkness, but you can choose to operate at whatever time you wish.

Once you have landed, start to make your way toward the village. As you approach the village, notice a small hut without walls a short distance up the path housing a machine gun.  Use your tranquilizer gun to take out the guard standing nearby. Extracting him with the Fulton Recovery Device takes a bit more time, but you may choose to do this to avoid dealing with him when he awakens later. Keep in mind that finishing the mission with no kills provides an additional modifier to your final score. 

There will be two additional guards as you make your way up the hill, as well as one more guard atop a building further ahead. Tranquilize the two guards and then quickly slip into the nearest building on the right. Here you will find the prisoner required to complete one of the optional objectives. Toss him onto  your back and carry him outside, where you will extract him using your Fulton Recovery Device. 

Go back to the main path and continue forward, being careful not to get spotted by the guard on the higher balcony. Prepare to deal with him next. When you see some makeshift stairs on the right, hang a left into a small alley cutting a path up the hill. Continue up the hill until you get close enough to the soldier on the balcony to the right, and then take him out. Enter the building that the soldier was patrolling to discover a set of Deployment Plans, adding the locations of the colonel and a pair of tanks to your map.

Backtrack to the main road outside of the village and begin to travel west. The convoy will move from west to east, and it is possible to wait for it near your original landing zone, but this will take additional time. To save time, you can choose to intercept and ambush the convoy as they travel along their route instead. However, depending on your equipment, you may be unprepared for this approach. You will need at least four sticks of C4 to take out one tank, and a rocket launcher to eliminate the second tank and the jeep carrying the colonel. If you are prepared with a rocket launcher and enough C4, proceed with the plan to ambush the convoy. If you don’t have the right equipment, you can choose to take out the tanks once they reach Smasei Fort instead, but this may hinder your time bonus and S Rank potential.

Once you have taken care of the colonel’s jeep as well as both tanks, you must exfiltrate out of the hot zone to conclude the mission, either by land or by helicopter. Hop on your horse and head toward the extraction zone. Remember you can secure extra points by not restarting from any checkpoints, getting no kills or not triggering the time-slowing Reflex Mode when dealing with enemies. Complete the main objective as quickly as possible and earn several of these point modifiers to increase your chances at achieving the S Rank for this mission. 

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