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Metal Gear Solid 5: Mission 44 [Total Stealth] Pitch Dark

by Prima Games Staff

This guide will help you complete the mission [Total Stealth] Pitch Dark with an S Rank rating in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, and includes a list of the mandatory and optional objectives available for this mission. Note that it is not necessary to complete all the objectives to earn an S Rank, but that you just need an accumulated score of 130,000 or more. Completing the mission quickly and earning additional score bonuses will greatly increase your chances of achieving an S Rank for the mission.


  • Shut down the oil transfer pump (Mandatory).
  • Destroy the oily water separator tank (Mandatory).
  • Extract four child soldiers being trained at Masa Village (Optional).
  • Exfiltrate the hot zone before Mfinda Oilfield is sealed off (Optional).
  • Extract the lappet-faced vulture that wandered into the burned-down village (Optional).
  • Extract four Walker Gears sealing off Mfinda Oilfield (Optional). 


This mission is a repeat of the previous mission Pitch Dark, only this time you must complete the mission without getting spotted to achieve Total Stealth. Finishing the mission quickly is less of an issue this time, as stealth is your main priority. However, a speedy completion time will always contribute a decent amount of points to your final S Rank score.

Before starting the mission, you may want to equip your sneaking suit at the prep screen to make stealthiness a bit easier. Also opt for a drop time of 1800, to benefit from the cover of darkness. This is key for nearly all the stealth missions. Equip your rocket launcher as well, in order to take out one of the mission objectives from a distance. 

After the helicopter drops you off at the start of the mission, run forward from the starting point into the jungle through the path ahead of you. Continue to trek through the jungle, heading toward the waypoint marker leading to Masa Village. 

As you ascend the hill overlooking Bwala ya Masa, be careful not to get spotted by the search light scanning the hillside. Move to the right and follow a short path until you can slide down the hill. From here, there should be a road just in front of you. Call for your D-Horse and ride along the road, heading away from the village outpost. This allows you to bypass the village and take a safer route to the oilfield. 

If you continue to follow the road, you will encounter enemies at another nearby outpost. Instead, cut to the right and into the open field, using the objective marker as your guide. You may want to occasionally check your map to ensure that you won’t run into other enemy outposts along the way. 

Continue riding north toward Mfinda Oilfield. This ride will take a while, but eventually you should reach the road in the northwest that you can follow straight to the objective location.

As you approach the oilfield, call in D-Dog to help you spot enemies. Don’t enter the facility from the southwest, as this area is a bit too challenging to pull off in total stealth. Instead, make your way toward the front entrance on the east side of the facility.

When you reach the east entrance, sneak past the guards by moving to the left. It helps to use your iDROID to mark enemies so that you can track their movements. Keep your tranquilizer pistol handy in case you need to take down any approaching guards as you head toward the objective. 

Continue forward, moving quietly through the area toward the nearest objective, using nearby pipes and crates for cover. Locate a staircase leading up to a walkway at the far side of the oil field, and prepare to neutralize a guard at the top using a tactical takedown. Remember to hide the body afterward to prevent alerting nearby enemies. 

Head left, and continue to follow the walkway around the corner and up another staircase until you reach a locked door on the left. Unlock the door to the control room, and proceed to shut down the transfer pump at the computer terminal to complete the first mandatory objective.   

Skip the cutscene, and then hop out the open window to leave. Drop down and move to the right. Start to make your way toward the southwest side of the oilfield, sneaking between the pipes and boxes in the area to keep covered. If an enemy begins to spot you, quickly take him down with your tranquilizer pistol. You won’t have Reflex mode, but you will have a brief moment where you can neutralize an enemy to prevent getting a combat alert.

Continue to sneak through the area, going prone when necessary to avoid getting spotted. Once you reach the southwest side, hop over the metal railing down into the water. Call in D-Horse now so that you can make a quick getaway in a few moments.

You should be back at the road where you initially approached near the southwest side. Form here, equip your rocket launcher and shoot at the red separator tank in the distance. As soon as you destroy the tank, get on D-Horse and sprint away from the oilfield. Keep riding until you have cleared the hot zone, and the mission concludes. If you finished this mission with Perfect Stealth, No Kills, and a completion time of about 10 minutes, then you will have earned more than the 130,000 points needed for S Rank. 

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