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Metal Gear Solid 5: Mission 22 Retake the Platform

by Prima Games Staff

This walkthrough will guide you through the mission Retake the Platform in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. There is only one objective available, and there is no final rating for this mission. We aim to help you complete this mission in a way that effectively benefits your Mother Base afterwards. There is a chance that this mission will become available near the beginning of the mission The War Economy, and opting to take on this task will ensure the safety of your Mother Base crew.  


  • Eliminate the enemy commander (Mandatory). 


Since there is no S Rank rating for this mission, you can accomplish the objective in whatever way you wish. However, our goal is with this guide is to help you complete the mission in a way that has the best outcome for your Mother Base in the end. 

For this mission, you will not have Buddy support available, nor will you have supply drops. You are practically on your own to defend your Mother Base. You can only use the weapons you brought with you, as well as anything you pick up from enemies. Prepare yourself ahead of time by equipping non-lethal weapons to extract new recruits to your base, which can be more beneficial overall.

Your goal is to take out the enemy commander, who will be located on the main R&D platform that his team invaded on. He is a bit easier to recognize due to his high stats and large bulletproof vest. The main platform he is on will also be heavily guarded. You may not be able to mark the enemy guards until you get to the platform, so approach with caution. 

The enemies will have also taken your crew members hostage, so be sure to neutralize as many enemies as possible as you head toward the commander. It is important to not be spotted, as this can result in the hostages getting killed early.

Move from your landing zone toward the commander’s location by using the lower levels beneath the bridges in order to avoid being seen by enemies along the way. As you make your way toward the commander, you may see him patrolling the top level of the main platform, where you can opt to shoot him with a sniper if you have one. However, it may be best to go for a non-lethal takedown, so that you can extract the commander later. 

When you reach the main platform where the commander is located, make sure to use the grey staircase in the center of the platform rather than the orange stairs, as the grey staircase will lead you straight to the top. Carefully sneak up the staircase, neutralizing any enemies you encounter on the way. You may also choose to climb up the pipes, just don’t let the enemies see you as you shimmy your way up. 

Once you have reached the top of the platform, quickly take down the enemy guards patrolling the area, and then neutralize the commander. You can use the Fulton Recovery Device to extract him for interrogation if you wish. After you eliminate the commander, the mission concludes. 

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