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Mad Max: In It For Glory, All Is Lost Forever, Paint My Name In Blood

by Bryan Dawson

Story Mission: In It For Glory

First make your way to the Dunes, where you’ll see a green marker leading to an old man. Once you chat with him, the mission will kick off, and you’ll be able to follow a green line once you mark the location on your map. You’ll come to a gate – simply ram your way through it and a cut scene will play. 

From here, find the next green marker and make your way towards it. You’ll see some elevators ahead. You’ll have to go on foot, so get out of the Magnum Opus and approach the open elevator shaft. You’ll climb down a ladder and then work your way to a nearby wall, which you’ll scoot up to enter a room. Now head right, where you’ll find another ladder to climb. 

Once you move down a level, work your way over to the elevators, then up the ramp once you pass them. You’ll be in another room, where you’ll find some scrap to your immediate left, as well as ammunition located to the far right. Move through the doorway (to your east) and then head down the stairs to find a whole bunch of scrap. Snag it, then go back the way you came and up the next set of stairs.

After getting to the room at the top, take out the Buzzards waiting for you. Make sure your energy is replenished (there’s food to the south if you require energy), then head to the dig site west, where there’s a kid waiting (but not the one you’re after in the mission). 

You’ll see a door to the north. Kick it down and you’ll access additional dig sites. Go to the one on your left (to the southwest) and pick up the pieces of scrap inside. There’s a hole at the end, but there’s nothing inside, so don’t dwell too long. From there, go check out the second dig site to the north. A few enemies will be waiting, so finish them off and pick up the extra piles of scrap. There’s a child, but again, not the one you’re looking for – in this case, Glory. 

The ground will tremble a bit. Once this happens, climb back up and head towards the green marker, which should be to your south. There’s a doorway. Walk through it and you’ll see another hole to your right. Go around to the rear and you’ll see a narrow crack to slip through. There’s an ice cream bin waiting there, but Glory is hiding on the other side. 

You’ll want to go back through the crack and the doorway, where a large enemy appears, along with a few thugs. Take down the little guys before tackling the bigger one, as they’ll slow you down if you try and assault him. Watch for charge attacks, then roll out of the way and strike back when you see an opening. More enemies will appear, so take them down quickly and repeat this procedure. Once he’s finally defeated (along with his friends), you can pick up Glory and take her to the Buzzard. Once she’s secure, you can climb in as well.

There will be a green line that will guide you to Hope. Follow it, but watch out for a few Buzzard vehicles once you make your way out of the airport. Mines will come in handy for destroying them quickly, along with side rams if they get too close. Avoid letting a Buzzard get in front of you, as they’ll drop mines that could damage your vehicle. Continue side ramming and dropping mines, and you’ll eventually clear them out, reaching Hope and finishing the mission. 

Once you’re done with that, have a chat with Friah, which will start cut scene. You’ll then be tasked to return to Chum’s hideout, but make sure you get there carefully, since he’s not on hand to fix any damage.

You can drive manually, or if you activated the vantage outpost, you can make a quick cut to the Blackmaws region. Make sure you reach the Intel point just south of the entrance to the Hideout. Here, you’ll receive information about Scrotus and Stank Gum, who are waiting inside. Make sure you’re fully upgraded before entering by paying a visit to the Griffa location for supplies. 

Once you’re ready, get to the Hideout, then make your way to the Magnus Opus, where the next mission will begin.

Story Mission: All Is Lost Forever 

This is a particularly quick mission where you’re asked to defeat Stank Gum, then make your way to Deep Friah’s temple. 

Remember how you took care of Tenderloin following the Gastown race? Similar tactics work for Stank. Dodge his incoming charges, then counter-attack or parry, depending on what he does next. A few thugs will join in, so make sure you take them out while keeping an eye on what Stank does. Repeat this process and Stank should be done within a few turns. 

After that, go to the temple. It’ll take a little while to drive, since a vantage point isn’t active, although you can warp to the Dump region, which should cut down some of the driving and save you some gas. Getting to the temple ends the mission, and to start the next one, Paint My Name In Blood, simply make your way to Gastown, then follow the green marker first to the east, then the north. A door will be right in front of you, and you can go through it to begin. 

Story Mission: Paint My Name In Blood 

Good news – this is the final mission, but you have a lot to do. 

It’s basically running head first into a convoy run, where you’ll have to destroy Scrotus’ accompanying vehicles before taking on his Land Mover. To do this, destroy vehicles with the harpoon, either by shooting their tires or if they’re reinforced, going after the drivers through their doors. Ramming works as well if they get too close. Note: if you take damage, you can stop and have Chum perform some quick repairs, but don’t dwell too long or the convoy will be out of range; the game will warn you of this. Considering all the cars you’ll face, it never hurts to reinforce your Magnum Opus.

After clearing out the traffic, head to the Land Mover and work your way around each side, blasting these off with the harpoon. From there, switch to the Thunderpoon or shotgun, a more powerful weapon, to blast away at the vulnerable sides. You’ll want to be quick and accurate – otherwise, additional vehicles will appear, and you’ll have to deal with them before you can deal more damage. 

Break the Land Mover enough and it’ll eventually come to a cliff. Once you get close to it, another cut scene will take place. Make sure you snag all the Thunderpoons all over the ground, but then prepare for Scrotus, who’s making rounds in his vehicle before eventually coming face-to-face with yours. The Thunderpoon is the best weapon to take it out, but it’ll be in motion, so try to keep your aim low when you take the shot. Auto-aiming is turned off, so you’ll have to work quickly to set up your throw.

If your throw is true, the vehicle will be destroyed, and you see the game’s ending. That said, there’s still a lot to do, including the variety of camps that must be unlocked, along with the different Wasteland Missions that are available. 

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