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Little Nightmares – The Lady’s Quarters

by Bryan Dawson

The final area in Little Nightmares is The Lady’s Quarters. This is the shortest area in the game, and the only enemy you need to worry about is the geisha. However, she’s also the most challenging enemy in that you can’t be spotted at all. There’s no chance to run from the geisha if she spots you, it’s an instant death. In addition, this is the only enemy that you actually fight in the game, so there’s a bit more strategy involved, but overall The Lady’s Quarters isn’t too difficult if you’ve gotten this far already.

The Lady’s Quarters

  • Nomes: 0
  • Statues: 1

Head out of the elevator and down the hall to the right. Continue up the first flight of stairs to find a locked door that requires a key. Keep moving up the next flight of stairs and into the room on the next floor. The geisha is in her room, but you can easily sneak through if you crouch and walk toward the foreground. Make note of the statue on the vanity where the geisha is standing, but don’t go for it just yet.

When you get to the next room on the left, break the blue and white vase to the left of the bed. The key you need for the door downstairs is found in the vase. Once you break the vase the geisha leaves, so you’re clear to collect the key and move the chair close to the vanity so you can break the statue.

Little Nightmares - Lady's Quarters

Head back downstairs and into the locked room. As you move to the right the geisha will appear behind you. Run to the right as quickly as you can and slide into the adjacent room. Move into the room to the right and remove the board blocking your path on the far right wall (in the foreground). Pick up the mirror on the cushion sitting on the table in the background, then move back into the previous room.

Approach the geisha who is now standing near the middle of the room. When the room goes dark prepare to run to where ever a spotlight shows up. Stand in the spotlight and point the mirror at the geisha when she appears. The mirror will burn the geisha, causing you to drop it. Quickly pick up the mirror and get ready to run to the next spotlight area to repeat the process until the geisha finally goes down.

Walk over to the geisha and quench your hunger. When you appear on the elevator, walk down the path to complete the game.

Find all of the Statues in The Lady’s Quarters, or head back to our Little Nightmares game hub for more strategies and advice!

Bryan Dawson

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