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Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Toto Sah Shrine Guide

by Bryan Dawson

This Toto Sah shrine guide for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild covers the Toto Sah Apparatus puzzle showing you how to maneuver the various platforms to complete the shrine. We’ll also show you how to find the Toto Sah shrine since it can be difficult to locate. The Toto Sah shrine is one of the more unique shrines in Breath of the Wild because it employs motion controls in order to complete each puzzle.

The Toto Sah shrine is hidden in an out of the way location, so if you’re not looking for it you can easily miss the entrance. To find the Toto Sah shrine, head southeast from the Dueling Peaks Stable, toward the Hickaly Woods. Run south along the shore of the river that runs west of the woods until you see a portion of the cliff side that can be bombed. Use the Cryonis Skeikah Slate ability to cross the river and detonate a bomb to clear the rocks and reveal the entrance to the shrine.

Once inside the shrine, move forward to the first Skeikah Slate terminal. When you access the terminal you will be able to use motion controls to rotate the platform ahead. Whether you’re using the tablet or the Joy-Cons, flip the platform down toward Link’s position to reveal a chest. Make sure the platform is lined up so you can run across it, then open the chest to obtain a Shield of the Mind’s Eye (16 defense).

Continue up the stairs to the next Skeikah Slate terminal. This time you have control over a set of stairs directly ahead. Rotate the stairs to the left so they line up with the first set of stairs directly in front of Link, the second set off to the right, and the third set lined up with the first flight of stairs. Once you have the stairs properly aligned, run across the first flight, then carefully jump to the second and third flights. It’s easy to fall to your doom if your don’t jump correctly so take your time here.

Head across the platform and up the long flight of stairs until you reach the next Skeikah Slate terminal. You now have control of a rather oddly shaped series of platforms that features a flight of stairs on one side and a chest on the other. Ignore the stairs for the time being and focus on maneuvering the chest so the platform it’s sitting on is as close to Link as possible. The alignment should look like the screen below.

Jump over to the platform and access the chest to obtain a Small Key, then head back to the Skeikah Slate terminal. This time rotate the platform so that the stairs are facing toward the upper right corner of the screen and the two triangular ends are connecting the platforms together. It should look like the screen here.

With everything properly aligned, carefully cross the platform as you move to the far side. The Small Key unlocks the door just ahead and allows Link access to the final chamber.

When you leave the shrine you’ll be very close to a treasure cave full of loot, and for more shrine guides and other useful articles and videos, check out our Zelda: Breath of the Wild game hub!