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The Last of Us Remastered Walkthrough Chapter 2 – The Quarantine Zone – How to Find Robert

by Prima Games Staff

The Last of Us Complete Walkthrough and Guide

The second chapter of the game picks up during the summer, but it’s a full 20 years after the events of the prologue.


After a cut scene introduces you to Tess, follow her through the streets of the quarantine zone to the checkpoint. Once the Fireflies start their attack, follow the on-screen prompts to do a quick turn, then sprint after Tess to get to safety. Once you enter the building, take note of the tutorial that shows you how to bandage yourself when you’re injured.

Head through the building until you reach a room where a man sits on a couch, then help Tess move the entertainment unit to reveal a tunnel. Go through the opening in the wall and gear up for your adventure.


A tutorial will show you how to reload your weapon, then approach the wall in front of Tess, following the on-screen prompts to boost her up. After emerging into an abandoned diner, continue to follow Tess until she asks you to find a ladder, which you’ll locate on the ground near the passenger side of the car. Pick it up and set it against the wall, then follow Tess to the building’s second story.

Although you’re still in the following portion of the chapter, don’t be afraid to hang back and look for items of interest and collectibles; Tess won’t move on until you catch up with her. When you’re satisfied that it’s time to move on, make your way through the hallways, then through the hole in the wall after you encounter some spores.


Obey the on-screen instructions and make your way through the narrow passage after the roof collapses. When you emerge, do the right thing and show the trapped stranger a little bit of mercy, then move on until you crawl underneath a busted door.


As soon as you’re through the door you’ll be faced with several Infected, and a brief tutorial on how to focus Joel’s hearing, also known as Listen Mode. When you do this, you’ll spot three Infected in the area, two dining on a corpse, and another one in the room next to you. Sneak up on the one next to you and use a stealth takedown to neutralize him.

You’re now faced with the choice to either engage the two Infected that remain, or sneak past them. If you sneak past them, visit the room further along on the bottom floor and look for anything useful, then head upstairs and do the same thing in the kitchen. Be very careful not to get spotted or make any noise, those two infected will attack if they know you’re there.


Once you hop down and are outside the building, you should be safe for a few moments. Get back to following Tess, helping her move some camouflage that covers another entrance. When you get through to the other side, head to the bottom part of the area and pass the board to Tess, then head up top to meet up with her. Cross over the board, then descend the fire escape to reach the next area. Continue following your friend until you reach another building and head inside.


Exit the building and head through the slums, making sure to look for anything interesting before following Tess towards the wharf. When Tess instigates a shoot out with three thugs, take cover and then pick them off one at a time. With the threats neutralized, continue moving through the area, boosting your female companion over the wall when a locked gate blocks your path.


After passing through a hole in the fence and dropping down, take cover and eavesdrop on a conversation between two thugs. When they split up to check the area, sneak up behind one and choke him out. Tess will deal with the other.

Continue to maintain stealth and turn your attention to the building with the windows. You’ll find two more guards in those rooms, one of which has a key that you require. Wait for your opportunity, then take them down and search their bodies. With the key in hand, check the rest of the area for supplies and then head through a closed door.

The next area is crawling with people who intend to harm you. Stay crouched behind the cover you were given when entering, then choke out one of the thugs as he wanders by. Continue moving through the bottom level, taking out each bad guy until there are none left. When the area is clear, head upstairs and do the same thing to any of the remaining scumbags. There should be six bad guys laying on the floor when you’re all done.


With the area clear, give it a good search and then help Tess raise the garage door. When you sneak through to the other side you’ll spot Robert, the dude you have been searching for this entire chapter. Maintain your position of cover for a moment and get a good look at the thugs scattered throughout the area.

When you’re satisfied you have a good read on the situation, make your move, working your way around the wharf in a clockwise fashion. Sneak into the shipping containers to your left, then use a stealth takedown to subdue a guard who patrols over there.

Continue to hug the outside of the playable area while you work clockwise, heading for a door guarded by two thugs. You can easily subdue the first guard, although if you aren’t careful someone might hear and come to investigate. Should you pull it off, however, use a Brick or Bottle to distract the guard closest to the door, then choke him out and head inside to confront Robert.


As it turns out, the person you’re after isn’t that excited to see you and decides to run. It’s a quick chase scene, and your target leaves signs about which direction he’s headed. Stay on his tail until you hit a cut scene, then enjoy watching Tess in action.

When the cut scene concludes, follow Marlene as she leads you away from the military. For a few moments, all you have to do is stay on her tail. Once you drop into a room, grab the Parts on the table.

Tip: These are an integral part of the game, and directly impact how much of your gear you’re able to upgrade when you find a Crafting Table (which won’t be until the next chapter). Lower difficulty levels will have more Parts, whereas higher difficulties will have less. For that reason, we will often tell you to search an area, rather than where to directly find Parts since they may or may not be there.


After searching the room, head to the door and help Marlene open it. Follow her outside, then when she spots the patrolling soldier, head up the stairs to your left. When you reach the top, go into the room on your left and search it for anything of interest, then go out the opposite door where you’ll see a guard. Hop over the table, then choke out the soldier, prompting Marlene to do the same to his buddy.

Continue through the building until you spot another guard with his back to you. Sneak up behind him and take him down with stealth. That leaves one guard on the bridge, another at the top of the stairs by some boxes and one more who patrols down below, then meets up with the soldier by the boxes. Just work your way around the area, timing your stealth takedowns until they’re all down. If you get caught, do your best to score headshots with your 9MM Pistol. Ammunition is scarce in this game and you can run out in a big hurry.


With the area clear, it’s back to trailing Marlene for a short distance, then a cut scene that will introduce Ellie. When the scene ends, cross the open courtyard, head down the stairs and through the opening in the chain link fence. Head to the right where you’ll find a staircase, then follow the only path you can travel until you reach another open courtyard.

In order to progress further, you need to grab the dumpster sitting in the adjacent building, then move it underneath the fire escape. Don’t worry about Ellie. She’ll climb on top and follow you, so just continue up the fire escape and through the building until you trigger another cut scene, ending the second chapter. If you’re planning to continue your journey, why not pop open our walkthrough of Chapter 3: The Outskirts?

The Last of Us Complete Walkthrough and Guide

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