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The Last of Us: Left Behind Complete Walkthrough – Chapter 5: The Enemy of My Enemy – Unlock the Picked Clean Trophy

by Prima Games Staff

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After you jump from the helicopter, you’ll head straight forward. Just on the right side of the hall is a small opening with a dead body inside. Grab the Crew Photo from the body. If you encounter the bow and arrows on the floor, you’ve gone too far.

Use the bow and arrows to silently eliminate the three Hunters after the cut scene. Don’t miss or there’s a good chance your arrows will break. Go for body shots, either in the back or the chest, to up the odds that your arrows remain in working condition. Try to shoot each Hunter when they are isolated from the group. Keep in mind if they find their friend’s bodies, they’ll be extra alert.

When the last Hunter is down, check the Octopus Records store for supplies that can be used for crafting items. When the area is adequately picked clean, head to the right side hallway where you’ll enter an air duct at the end on the right. There’s a dead end with a body hunched over. Grab the Duct Recorder from him, the eleventh and final Artifact you need to unlock the bronze Picked Clean Trophy.

After exiting the air duct, stay up top and hidden behind cover. Below you there is a mix of Hunters and Infected — including Clickers — that need to be dealt with. Grab a brick, tossing it near the Hunters. This will draw the Infected to their location, setting off a battle. When it’s done, the Hunters should be all gone. Use another brick to draw the Infected closer to you, then use a Molotov Cocktail to take them all out. If you miss one, pick off the straggler with your bow and arrow.

Search the area for supplies and then exit the clothing store, taking a left and heading down the hallway. It’s blocked off, so climb up the debris on the right and drop down into the store. Use the Listen Mode, which will locate a few nearby Infected, as well as some Hunters. Use the same tactics as before. Throw bottles and bricks near the Hunters, drawing in the Infected and setting off a deadly battle. Amidst all the chaos, think about throwing a Molotov Cocktail in the middle of both parties, taking them all down and clearing the area.

Make your way through the store, checking the main and side rooms for supplies. Always keep a brick or bottle handy as well. At the far end of the store, on the left hand side, climb up the debris and open the garage door. Head to the left where you’ll overhear some Hunters trying to get through the security door. Two will come to the top level with you, while two will stay on the first floor trying to break through the door. Use your bow to take them out silently, then drop a Nail Bomb or Molotov Cocktail on the heads of the two unsuspecting foes below.

Head downstairs, grabbing supplies as you go. When you try to open the security door, several Hunters will ambush you. Take shelter in the store to the right of where you were trying open the security gate. There’s a decent amount of supplies here too, so take a moment to gather them up. There’s a stairwell at the back of the store. Go up and take out any Hunters upstairs. They take three bullets to the body or one arrow to kill. Just to the left of the stairs there’s an area you can back yourself into, preventing them from flanking you. This is a great place to battle it out, so take cover and get to work.

The noise will draw the Infected towards the battle, which actually works out well for you since there’s a lot of Hunters for them to attack. When the Hunters are down, start working on the Infected with the bow. It’s best not to make noise here, since it will draw them to your location, making things far more difficult than they need to be.

When the area is all clear, head back to the security door and open it to end the chapter.

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