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The Last Guardian – Part Four – Avoid the Sentry Statues

by Josh Hawkins

After reawakening Trico and making your way through the final portion of The Last Guardian, you push deeper into the ruins of Trico’s nest. In this article, we’ll show you how to compete the next portion of the game, where you will learn how to command Trico so that you can continue your journey towards freedom.

Find a Way Forward

Head down the stairs to your right, just after you enter the gate. Trico will follow, but don’t be afraid to give him a few shouts to bring him along. Move through the corridor until you reach a wide open room. You can climb down the edge of the balcony to reach the lower level. You’ll probably spot a barrel nearby. Ignore it for now. There are enemies in this room. Wait for Trico to jump down and deal with them before continuing.

Once the enemies are defeated, hop onto Trico’s back and wait for it to jump onto the platform across the room from where you entered. If it doesn’t jump after a few moments, hop onto his back and jump onto the pillars to climb your way up to the platform.

When you reach the new platform, move forward and follow the path around to continue your journey. It will lead down a set of broken stairs. At the bottom, you will find more enemies. Wait for Trico to deal with them and then continue through the corridor.

If you move down the corridor, you should spot a ladder off to the right. Climb up the ladder to discover a path that leads forward. Continue moving ahead and Trico will jump up to you, following after you like a lost puppy. After a few moments of moving, you’ll pass under a gate, which Trico will trigger with his weight. The gate will slam down, locking Trico in place. You’ll need to free Trico before continuing.

Free Trico

Head up the nearby stairs on the left to find a switch. As soon as you pull it, a magical suit of armor will awaken and chase after you. At the same time, running down the hallway that just opened will trigger even more of the enemies. Ignore these enemies. Press Square to roll past them and climb the ladder on the right a little ways down. Follow the path to find a switch that you can pull to unleash Trico upon the magical creatures. Once the beast clears the way, drop down and continue pushing forward to find another suit of armor. Trico will take care of it, and any others that may sprout up in the area.

You’ll have to calm the beast down at this point. Hop atop Trico’s back and pet it along the neck. After Trico calms down, look for a gate on the left of the room, left from where you entered. Move through here to learn how to control Trico.

After you have learned to control Trico, hop atop its back and command it to jump onto the platform in the dead end. This will allow you to climb onto a walkway, which will lead you to a switch. Activate the switch to unlock the gate that locked you inside of this area.

With the gate unlocked, return to the main area where you entered and climb ontoTrico’s back. Command it to jump using R1 + Forward or R1 + Triangle, and then wait for the creature to jump across the gap.

Command Trico to jump once more and it will stand against the wall to your left, allowing you to gain access to another platform. Hop to the platform and then climb up the ladder to find the way forward. Follow it around until you come the end of the ledge. You should spot a handhold above you. Hop up onto it, and then hop into the open hole to gain entry to the building.

Open the Gate for Trico

Crawl through the hole to find yourself inside the building. This area is dangerous, though, as Trico is cut off from you, and there are two magical armor sets on the walkway below. They are currently in sentry mode, meaning that they will only trigger if you walk directly through the light beam coming from their eyes.

Sneak your way across the rafters and make your way to one of the pillars on the side of the wall. Look for one with a small patch of stonework leading underneath the main path. You can climb down these pillars to gain access to a walkway area where you will be safe from your enemies.

Make your way around the walkway and up to the handholds that lead to the switch. Wait for the sentry light to pass you by, then sneak behind it and begin pulling the switch. If you timed everything correctly, then Trico should be in the room with you before the statues have time to get activated all the way and grab you. Wait for Trico to deal with them, and then calm the beast down before moving on.

Command Trico to the opposite end of the walkway from where it entered, then command the beast to hop up on its back legs by pressing R1 + Triangle. This will allow you to gain access to a balcony, which leads you into the next room.

This room is similar to the last one, except now there are six of the armor suits for you to deal with. Make your way down to the main walkway using the same method as the last room, and then wait for their lights to pass before sprinting to the switch and pulling on the chain. Time it just right and you can open the gate and allow Trico inside before the suits can grab you.

Let Trico take care of the magical creatures, and then calm him once more by petting him on the neck.

Open the Final Gate

There is one final gate in your way at this point, so command Trico to jump onto the wall and allow you to move into the next area. Things are easier this time around, though, as the gate switch is actually just to the left of the doorway that you exit through. Simply turn and activate the switch to let Trico in.

Drag the sun painting in the middle of the walkway off the side so that it falls out of Trico’s sight, and then call the beast into the room. At this point, it is a matter of climbing on top of the feathered creature and commanding him to take you to the top. The beast will jump from platform to platform, eventually landing you in the next area, where you can continue your journey.

Continue on to the next part of our The Last Guardian walkthrough, or return to our main The Last Guardian guide for more in-depth features to help you complete your quest and return the boy to his home.

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