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The Last Guardian – Free the Boy, Defeat Statues with Shields

by Josh Hawkins

After the crumbling tower leaves Trico and the boy falling from the mountainside, you awaken, stuck against a tree limb. To progress you’ll have to free the boy, and then find food for Trico to recover. In this article, we’ll teach you everything you need to know to escape the hole, and make your way back up towards the edge of the valley.

Free the Boy

You awaken, hung against a tree limb. Below you Trico wails, slowly waking up and taking notice of your position. To progress through the game, you’ve got to get free, but you won’t actually be able to do that until Trico jumps above you and dangles its tail down. Wait until this moment, then reach out towards the tail and spam X, Square, Circle, and Triangle to break free.

The limb will snap, and then Trico will bring the boy back down to safety. The fall has left the beast in need of recovery, though, so you will need to find it a Barrel to feast upon before you can escape this area. You might recognize this section of the world, as you’ve already been here once before, when you have to solve the glowing jar puzzle.

Feed Trico a Barrel

Hop down off of Trico and head through the nearby hole in the wall. There is a Barrel inside. Pick it up, and then toss it along the inclined pieces of flooring. This will allow you to reach the stairs, which you can then use to make it back to the other room, where Trico awaits you.

Feed Trico the Barrel, and then climb onto the creature’s back. Let Trico do all the work, and the beast will jump from platform to platform, eventually bringing you back through the hole that you made in the roof when you fell a few moments before.

To continue moving forward, have Trico jump up onto the sconce hanging off the outside of the building. If you command the creature to jump to the next platform, you can climb down its tail and hop into a small alcove to the left. This will allow you to reach a ledge that you can shimmy around to reach another area that requires you to jump several gaps to continue.

Help Trico Get Across the Gap

Make your way across the jumps, and then head around the corner and up the handholds ahead of you. Climb in the window at the top to access a room with several statues inside. Trico can’t get in here to help you out yet, though, so dodge the armored statues and run up the stairs to your right. There are two statutes with shields nearby. Run towards them and press Square to ram into them and make them drop their shields.

It should be noted that the shields they carry look very like the painted sun windows that stop Trico in earlier portions of the game. With the shields knocked down, Trico will jump into the room and take care of the statues. At this point you can help the beast defeat our enemies by pulling off the heads of any statues that are knocked to the ground. This will clear the area a lot quicker, allowing you to then climb atop Trico’s back and soothe the animal with some nice leisurely pets. Before you leave, make sure to crawl underneath the nearby gate and grab the Barrel inside to feed to your ally. This will calm it even more.

Once the area has been cleared, follow the room around and look for an open window that Trico can jump through. Climb atop the beast and direct it towards the window, then command it to jump. It will jump through, and then continue jumping to another platform across the way. This will lead you to new area, where you’ll have to deal with a closed off gate and a cauldron with blue smoke flowing out of it. Once the gate closes, head behind Trico, towards the exit, and climb the ladder on the right.

Use the nearby switch to raise the ladder, then continue inside to discover the next section of the game. You can continue on to the next portion of our The Last Guardian walkthrough, or return to our The Last Guardian guide for more in-depth features and articles to help you conquer the ruins and save the boy.

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