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Killzone: Shadow Fall Walkthrough Chapter 3 – The Doctor

by Prima Games Staff

Killzone: Shadow Fall Chapter 3 – The Doctor

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  • Audio Log #03 | Massar’s Diary 1
  • Audio Log #04 | Parsons’ Worries
  • Audio Log #05 | Parsons’ Diary 2
  • Audio Log #06 | A Sunny Day
  • Audio Log #07 | Parson’s Diary 1
  • Dossier #03 | The Cassandra
  • Comic #05 | Pages 11-12
  • Audio Log #08 | Massar’s Diary 2
  • Audio Log #09 | Helghast Worker Contempt
  • Newspaper #02 | Vektan Daily
  • Comic #06 | Pages 09-10
  • Audio Log #10 | Vektan Letter Home
  • Dossier #04 | Doctor Massar
  • Comic #07 | Pages 13-14
  • Audio Log #11 | Massar’s Diary 3


  • The Doctor [Complete the chapter]

As per usual, the chapter begins with a cut scene. Sinclair and Lucas are reviewing a video log made by a crew member of the ISA Cassandra, a Vektan R&D — Research & Development — black site that primarily deals with bio-tech. The subject in the video frantically explains that there’s some type of infection that is spreading throughout the ship. They don’t believe it to be an accident. Lucas asks what research was taking place on the Cassandra. Sinclair alludes to a type of weapon that would have given them leverage over the Helghast. Now he believes it could fall into their hands. He’s sending Lucas in to investigate and then steer the ship into the sun, making it look like an accident and covering up what happened. Sinclair suspects that a Dr. Hillary Massar, project leader aboard the ISA Cassandra, is intending to defect to the Helghast.

When you enter the ship, you’re in a zero gravity situation. Follow the instructions to move. Use the left analog stick to move your body and the right analog stick to control your head. Your objective should be displayed in the form of a red circle. Knowing where your objectives are on this chapter will make things much easier.

Pro Tip: Press Up on your D-Pad at any time to display your current objectives.

Access the elevator bay and wait for gravity to return. Go through the doors and towards your objective, only to find the elevators are down. Your objective will be updated but there are no Helghast to kill — yet — so just run to the airlock chamber to initiate the pressure transition. When the doors open, you’ll be in the elevator shaft, a zero gravity environment. Make your way down towards another airlock chamber and your first combat of the chapter on the other side. You need to get the reactors back online, but you’ll have to deal with Helghast as you go.

The first engagement is only two soldiers, so deal with them and head downstairs to a larger buildup of Helghast forces. Use your Tactical Echo and OWL to give yourself an advantage. Keep in mind that you can always use Adrenaline — Left D-Pad — if you find yourself hurt or in a tough spot. When the room is clear, look around for a Petrusite Capacitor; you’ll be using a lot of these. They are the devices needed to bring the reactor back online. The on-screen objectives should have updated showing the location of capacitors that need to be replaced. Head into the room with the reactor. You can find the capacitors all over the place. Grab four and put them in the generator as instructed. 

Pro Tip: The Petrusite Capacitors are used to power various devices like electronic bridges and even doors. If you remove one, it turns something off. Just be careful not to fall while in the reactor room. It’s easy to jump over the spaces where the bridges were.

When the fourth Petrusite Capacitor is in place and the reactor has full power, head out of the reactor room and up the large ladder to the control room. Order your OWL to hack the system computer, which will bring the reactor back online. This will trigger Helghast assault. Take out the first two and head up the stairs. Use your Tactical Echo to spot three soldiers above you. This is a perfect place for a grenade. Taking these three down will trigger a larger group to attack. Nothing out of the ordinary here. Use your ever-developing combat skills and take them out.

After the music dies down indicating all is clear, enter the airlock chamber and take the zero gravity trip up the elevator shaft to set a course for the sun. Go through another airlock chamber to meet some Helghast drones — very similar to your OWL — on the other side. They can be a nuisance, but they go down quickly, so best to deal with them right away. 

The door you’re looking for is in the first room out of the airlock chamber on the left hand side. Go inside, grab the Petrusite Capacitor and go through the door on your left. Place the capacitor into the generator on the floor to open the door. Head in, go through the room with the burning bodies, grab the Petrusite Capacitor from between the stairs and double back through the room with the burning bodies. There’s another generator on the floor. Put the capacitor in it to open the door. When that door opens, grab the capacitor laying on the floor inside the room, head back through the room with the burning bodies, up the stairs and place it into the generator. Next, grab the capacitor on the left side of the room and place it into another generator slot. Lastly, go back downstairs and through the room with the dead bodies, grab the Petrusite Capacitor you used to open the door and place it in the third generator slot. 

You still need to make it to the bridge. Check your current objective — Up D-Pad — and head through the door to the right of where you placed the three capacitors. You’ll enter a narrow hallway — perhaps an air duct — and an on-screen warning will show up. These are Spider Mines. Dispatch them, move up and drop through the ceiling. Go straight forward and order your OWL to hack the computer on the bridge, setting a course for the sun and completing the objective. 

A cut scene will play showing Dr. Hillary Massar with the half-bread you were exchanged for in chapter 1, Echo. Looks like Sinclair was right, she is trying to defect. You new objective is to get to the lab and reach Massar.

Head back towards where you dropped through the ceiling, except look for a tunnel on the left. It’s really easy to miss — we did several times — so pay attention. When you enter the tunnel, you’ll face both the pesky Helghast drones and soldiers. Make use of your OWL by ordering it to attack them. If nothing else, it will distract them while you put them down with your LSR 44. Keep following the only path you can take until you enter a room that leads to an airlock chamber. Get inside to take the zero gravity ride towards the lab. 

Exit the elevator shaft through another airlock chamber. There’s no resistance, so head into the lab and watch the video monitor — this is optional — before you head in to examine the body. This will trigger an attack from Echo. She tells Lucas that Massar and the Vektan leaders will pay for what they’ve done. It’s a scripted event, so just follow the on-screen prompts to fight her until she runs away. 

Pro Tip: The ship is getting very close to the sun. There’s plenty of opportunities to shoot out windows and set enemy soldiers on fire. This is a highly effective strategy for the upcoming engagements.

Your new objective is to rescue Massar from her captors. Head in the direction of the red circle on your screen and be ready to fight plenty of Helghast soldiers. Make your way through the series of rooms and towards the elevator. You’ll have to fight your way on it — Try a grenade if you have one — and off of it just to catch a ride on another elevator. The second one stops short of its destination, but that doesn’t stop the Helghast from attacking you. Take them out and climb up onto the ledge. Run forward in the only direction you can. 

The chapter ends with a cut scene. You’re thrown from the ship and into space. Things don’t look good for Lucas, but just as your vital signs begin to turn weak, you’re rescued by another Vektan ship. Dr. Hillary Massar is now Echo’s captive. Massar comments that Echo isn’t like the others, that she lacks the Helghast essence. Massar speculates that Echo is more than half Vektan. This angers her, prompting the half-breed to order Massar taken away and placed in a holding cell, ending the chapter.

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