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Just Cause 3 Story Mission – Welcome Home, Find the Rocket Launcher, Save Mario

by Bryan Dawson

Your first objective in Just Cause 3 is to defend the plane from surface-to-air missiles. With the rocket launcher in-hand, Rico is a threat to anything on the ground. Keep a close eye on the ground while you scan for the missile batteries that are highlighted by white boxes. As soon as you’re locked in fire to take them out. Ammo is unlimited during this part of the mission, but it does take some time to reload, so try not to miss if you can avoid it.

The SAMs are in front of the plane you’re in, so pay close attention whenever it turns. A few minutes into the mission, an enemy plane appears. Don’t worry about the damage being caused by the opposing jet as you can’t really do much about it.

As you’re falling from the plane, try to land as close to the cave below as you can. Once the Parachute emblem appears, deploy your shoot and move toward the cave below. Mario is close to your location and will signal for help. Make your way toward his position and pick up the rocket launcher on the ground along the way.

Use the grappling hook to pull Rico to the top of the cave as you move toward the yellow marker on the map. When you reach the top, help Mario take down the nearby enemies. Make sure Mario doesn’t die during the battle. Keep an eye on his health and be more aggressive if it looks like he’s not going to make it.

After the cut scene head into the truck and drive over to the rebels. When you reach the militia checkpoint drive right through it as you run over a few enemies in the process. Once you arrive at the objective, kill the enemies here using the nearby tank to make things a bit easier. Watch another short cut scene, then get into the chopper and fly to the next objective on the map.

Land the chopper inside the rebel base or parachute into the base, then kill anyone in red. Avoid shooting the people dressed in blue as they’re on your side. You want to keep them alive so they help during the fight.

Head to the top of the tower where the next objective is located and take control of the minigun. Look for the dirt road that leads into the base and take down any enemies that are unlucky enough to be in your line of sight. There are a few enemies that will come from the sides, but most will come right down that road.

When you see an enemy helicopter above, take it down as quickly as you can. Continue to shoot everything and everyone (that’s an enemy) until another cut scene begins. Head to the next marker on the map to begin the next story mission, Time for an Upgrade.

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