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Just Cause 3 Story Mission – Missile Cowboy, Help the Rebels, Reach the Missile

by Bryan Dawson

You begin this mission in the middle of Cima Leon. Make your way to the top of a large building to find the marker as you meet with Dimah again. Glide over to the next marker, but don’t worry about any defenses at the military base as this one doesn’t have a ton of artillery that makes your job harder. However, there’s still a plethora of soldiers occupying it, so you’ll have to do a bit of fighting here.

Take out the fuel containers and electrical substation so you can build Chaos as you head for the transmitter (the next location marked on the map). Hack into the computer system to reveal the transmitter, then take it down.

It’s now time to help the rebels once again as you have to make sure the meter at the top of the screen stays in your favor. Take out every enemy you see as quickly as possible to make sure the rebels score a win here. Head to the markers on the map as they appear to the north and take down the armored transports. You can use one of the transports to take out the others, then finish off your transport with a few explosives.

The next marker is to the west where you must take down the soldiers that attack there. Keep an eye on the sky so you can take out any gunships that fly into the region. You can commandeer one of them to make your job a little easier here, as you destroy the tanks to the west. Once they’re down, watch a short cut scene, then glide to the missile as you try to stay as high as you can.

You need to hit the lower section of the missile, but if you drop too low to the ground or fly over the missile you won’t be able to complete your mission. After another cut scene the mission is complete. Your next mission begins north of Cima Leon where you must meet up with Mario.

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