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Inside Game Walkthrough – Research Facility – The End

by Bryan Dawson

Once you’re in the Research Facility, run all the way to the right and have the humanoids help you climb up to the floor above. Keep moving right and up the ramp into the next room. Access the lever at the end to open the hatch, then continue to the right and up the stairs. You’ll see another person run past as you continue to the right, but ignore him. Grab the cater near the far right windows and move it back to the room in the background you just passed.

Position the cart until the ladder, then climb on top of the cart and jump up to the ladder. Move left and climb on top of the control panel, then jump to the light on the right. Climb up the light cord but stop before you reach the top, then swing left and right to gain enough momentum to jump over to the orange pipe to the right.

Climb up the pipe and move to the right, then pull off the ventilation grate and crawl into the small hole. Keep moving to the right and lift the hatch on the floor as you’re passing by the scientists in the background. Drop into the crawl space below and keep moving to the right.

When you reach the end, jump over to the ladder, but don’t climb down just yet. Instead, climb up the ladder, then head to the right when you reach the top. To the far right is a large orb with a billboard in the background. The lights on the billboard indicate the secret orbs you’ve found throughout the game. If a bulb is not lit, it means you haven’t found the corresponding orb. The orbs are listed in order so it should be relatively easy to determine which orbs you may be missing.

If you’ve collected the 13 previous secret orbs the hatch to the large orb is open. If you’re missing any orbs, the hatch will be closed until you go back and find them. Luckily, you can load any previous checkpoint, collect a missing orb and load back to very near the large orb.

Once you have the 13 orbs, head inside the large orb and move to the right as far as you can. You won’t be able to see yourself, but when you can no longer move right, press X to grab, then pull to the left to remove the rod from the large orb. At this point you can get the secret ending to the game. If you wish to see the normal ending of the game, continue reading.

Head back down the ladder and open the hatch at the bottom. Make your way left and jump down onto the operating platform below. Climb into the small control room and move the operating platform to the far right, near the ladder.

Get out of the control room and climb back on top of the operating platform so you can jump over to the ladder. Climb down the ladder and head to the left. Jump into the water and remove pull on the handles on either side of the object in the middle.

Now head back to the surface and climb on top of the structure. Pull the lever to turn off the fan at the very bottom of the water. The objective here is to turn the fan back on and immediately dive back into the water so you can grab the latch at the bottom before the fan picks up speed.

Once you grab the hatch, wait until the passage above is completely open, then let go. You’re swept up into the watery room above where there’s a mass of humanoids. Pull three of the four light fixtures off the humanoid mass and you’re pulled into the mass. Now move to the windows on the left, grab on and pull to the right to break through.

Run to the left and break through any doors that block your path. When you roll down the stairs, pull on the door that closes to remove that barrier and continue to the left. When you reach the area where you left the last group of humanoids, have them help to lift you up to the hatch on the far left.

Soon after you plummet down the shaft and into another room. Head left and break through the glass, then grab the metal object to the far left and pull it off the wall. Drag it with you as you move all the way to the right, then use the object so you can reach the hole above.

Continue to the right as you plow through people and rooms, until you crush the person on the floor below. Once this happens, head into the water on the left and pick up the wooden beam. Drag the beam to the far right wall so you can prop it up and place it above your head, then quickly move to the left and use the beam to press the button above to open the door.

Head through the door to the right with the beam still in tow. Place the beam on the switch on the ground near the hydraulic lift, then quickly move over and get on top of the lift. If you’re too slow, go back over to the beam and lift it up in place, then drop it again when the lift lowers.

Climb onto the lift and then head right when it reaches the top. When you can go no further, move back to the left and wait for the worker to open the door. Squeeze through the door, then continue down the next hatch.

Pick up the box when you reach the ground and move to the far left. Throw the box up at the red hatch on the ceiling (press A to throw it), then throw it again to hit the white light and open the door. Continue to the left with the box still in hand. When you reach the far left, drop the box and pull open the furnace, then pick up the box again and place it in the furnace to light it on fire.

Take the box out of the furnace and head back the way you came. When you reach the water the sprinklers turn on, which means you can’t just walk through them without the fire on the box going out (which you don’t want). You need to stand close to the sprinklers, then throw the box in the air and to the right, then quickly move past the sprinklers and catch the box before it hits the water. This isn’t overly difficult if you stay close to the sprinklers.

Once you have the box through both sprinklers, move all the way over to the cylinder in the ceiling near the far right wall. Toss the flaming box into the cylinder to open the door to the right, then continue through the door.

When you reach the next room, grab the double cart on the left and pull it over to the control rig on the far right. Stand on top of the double cart and grab the control rig above, then use it like a rope and swing back and forth to build momentum until the humans try to latch it onto the right wall, breaking the wall open.

Push the double carts to the right wall and use them to climb through the newly created hole. Continue to the right and pick up the yellow switch box. There’s a catwalk above on the left with a few humans, a button high above on the right, and a closed doorway to the far right. You need to pick up the yellow switch box, toss it up to the humans on the catwalk, they’ll activate it then toss it back to you. At this point you need to quickly move under the button, throw the box up to the button, then move through the doorway when it opens.

Move into the center of the next area where the floor will open dropping you into the water below. Swim down to the bottom of the water and remove the panels on the wall to the right. This reveals a grate behind the panels. Pull the grate off and swim through the opening.

Swim up to the surface and head right. When you reach the wall, back away and get a running start so you can burst through. Roll down to the shore and the game is over.

If you missed any of the secret orbs, haven’t seen the hidden ending, or simply want to play through the game again, head back to our Inside walkthrough and guide!

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