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Inside Game Walkthrough – Flooded Base

by Bryan Dawson

Climb out of the water and into the Flooded Base then head to the right to find another yellow switch box. Activate the switch and jump over to the rope hanging to the left. Access the lever to the left and hold it in the activate position to raise the door on the right all the way to the top. You won’t have much time so make sure the door is all the way up before you let go of the lever. Release the lever and quickly jump back over to the rope and use it to swing over to the closing doorway.

Head through the door and down the stairs to the right. Swim to the far right side and dive under the room to reach a ladder when you surface to the far right. Climb up the ladder to enter a room with two yellow switch boxes. There’s a small bit of timing here, but it’s not too bad.

Activate the switch on the right, then immediately move to the switch on the left to activate it as well. Stand on the switch on the right and use it to reach the platform to the right. Hit the button on the platform as soon as possible to move a red plank below the left switch box and stop it from moving back down to the ground.

Drop back down to the ground and activate the switch box on the right to reach the newly elevated switch box on the left. Now use the elevated switch box to reach the level above. Run over and drop through the open grate on the floor and into the water below.

There’s an enemy in the water that appears to be dead at first glance, but he’s definitely not. Quickly move to the right and up to the hanging rope near the surface of the water. You need to make it to the rope before the child catches you.

Stay near the bottom of the rope and swing left and right to gain momentum. Once you have a decent amount of momentum, jump to the right to reach another hanging rope. Don’t worry if you hit the water, but quickly move to the rope before the child catches up to you again.

Climb up the second rope and continue up the ladder to the left. Make your way to the right once you reach the top, then jump off the edge and quickly move through the open doorway below the surface of the water. Keep in mind the child will give chase as soon as you hit the water. You have enough time to make it to the surface on the far right and climb out of the water before the child catches you.

Once again you head to head right and dive back into the water, then quickly swim to the next platform on the far right. The child will be in pursuit so make haste. Climb onto the next platform to see a hook hanging from above. Climb up the hook and press the button at the top to start the hook moving to the left. At this point slide back down to the bottom of the hook, but don’t fall into the water. The goal here is to drag your feet in the water so the child makes a beeline for you.

This moves the child away from the platform you were just on, giving you move time to make your next move. Don’t leave your feet in the water too long or else you’ll be grabbed, but you want to make sure your feet hit the water as the crane moves to the end of the railing, at which point it moves back to the right. You will need as much time as possible to swim away from the child, so it’s imperative your feet hit the water throughout most of your crane trip to the left so you have the necessary time once you return to the platform.

After the return trip, move to the far right edge of the platform and jump back into the water. Quickly swim down to the right and hit the underwater button as you go to close the doorway ahead. If you moved the child far enough away with the crane and didn’t delay at all, you have time to hit the button, make it through the closing doorway with the enemy trapped on the other side, and come up to the surface for air.

Climb up the nearby ladder and run to the right to reach another hanging rope. Swing over to the platform on the right and then move into the next room. When you open the circular door to the far right, you’ll drop into the water below. The child enemy will be after you again so quickly swim to the right and get out of the water.

Timing is key for this next portion of the area. There’s a grate in the floor to the far right. You need to open the grate and dive underwater to press the button directly below. This opens the door to the right, but you don’t have time to make it through. Instead, you simply want to press the button and then get back up to the grate as quickly as possible. There isn’t a lot of room for error here, so you need to move quickly.

Once you’ve back out of the water, head to the left and drop into the water again. This time quickly swim to the left and dive underwater to see a tunnel. Swim through the tunnel and then back up to the surface (keep in the mind the child will still be chasing you). Head to the left to find another hidden orb. Pull the rod out of the orb, then push open the grate to the left to drop into the water below.

You’re now back in the previous area just before the circular door. Make your way back to the hatch. Run back over to the grate and dive in. This time hit the button again as you make a beeline for the closing doorway. As soon as you make it through, head back up to the surface for air. Now swim to the right and through the opening underwater, then climb up the chain on the far side.

The chain breaks and you fall into the water, to be captured by the enemy. Don’t worry, you somehow survive and come alive again once you reach the lowest level of the area. Swim up and to the right, then move through the facility. When you come out the other side (far right), do not continue to the right just yet. Instead, drop straight down to see a closed door to the left. Grab the bar in the middle of the door and turn it once, then pull the handle near the top of the door to open it. Swim through the doorway to the left to find another secret orb. Pull the rod out of it, then head back to the right.

When you get back to the previous area, swim up and to the right to see a circular door. When it opens there’s a strong current that makes it difficult to swim through. Wait right next to the door and then push to the right, through the current to make it into the tunnel ahead.

Once inside the tunnel, grab the red hatch near the ceiling and wait for the engine propellers to turn on. If you’re not grabbing the hatch you’ll be thrust back to the door. Once the propellers stop, move through the first one and grab the next hatch at the top. The next time the propellers start the hatch flies open. You can now move up into the Facility Entrance area when the propellers stop again.

Continue on to the Facility Entrance or head back to our Inside walkthrough and guide.

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