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Inside Game – Find All 14 Secret Orb Locations

by Bryan Dawson

There are 14 secret power orbs hidden in Inside. Once you have found and disabled all 14 you gain access to the secret ending to the game. We’ve detailed the location of all 14 orbs within our full walkthrough of the game, but this is the short version if you’ve already been through the game and just need the locations of the orbs.

The Forest – Orb #1

As you near the end of the path several dogs begin to close in. There’s a tall cliff here that you must jump off of in order to avoid the dogs. You drop into the lake below and swim left until you reach the cliff edge. Dive down and swim through the narrow tunnel to the left.

When you reach the far side, climb up the cliff to the left and grab the pillar at the top. Rock the pillar left and right until it falls to the right, creating a bridge that allows you to access the first secret orb. Run across the bridge and pull the rod out of the orb, then head back to the lake.

The Farm – Orb #2

As you move through the cornfield, there’s a hatch hidden toward the end. Just before you get to the small clearing within the cornfield, press X to grab the hatch. If you have trouble finding it, you can just rapidly press X as you move through the cornfield and you’ll stop as soon as you hit the hatch.

Open the hatch from the left side, then climb down the ladder below. Head left toward the red light to find the second hidden orb. Pull out the rod, then head to the right and back up the ladder.

The Farm – Orb #3

When you reach the top, climb up the ladder to get to the rooftop. Continue to the right and jump off the roof and into the cart below. Grab the cart and push it to the left until you reach the wooden wall. Climb on top of the cart and pull back one of the boards on the wall.

Squeeze through the narrow gap you just created, then climb up the rope in the center of the next room. When you reach the top, swing back and forth to gain momentum so you can jump over to the platform on the left. Continue to the left to find the third secret orb. Pull out the rod, then head back down the rope and back outside.

The Factory – Orb #4

Near the beginning of the Factory area go back down to the bottom floor and head to the left to find a hole where the safe fell through. Drop down into the hole and grab the grate to the left. Pull right to remove the grate, then head through the small hole to the left and over to the secret orb.

The Factory – Orb #5

Once you’ve got the humanoids on two switches to open the door to the right, head through the door and across the train tracks, then up the ladder to the far right. Keep moving to the right and slide down the edge of the rooftop before jumping across to the far wall. Instead of climbing up the pipe, slide down to the bottom, but don’t fall off.

When you reach the bottom of the pipe, jump to the left to reach a hard to see ladder. Climb down the ladder to find another secret orb at the bottom. Pull out the rod, then climb back up to the top of the ladder and jump across to the pipe.

The Depths – Orb #6

After getting the submarine and being chased down by the giant metal cylinders, get into the submarine and boost up into the air and through the hole to the right. Dive underwater in the submarine and boost through the red doorway in the lower right. Drop down to the lower level and stay close to the left wall to find a large box on the floor. Move to the right side of the box and charge into it to knock the box to the left and reveal an hole below.

Dive through the hole and make your way to the left to find a ladder at the top of the water. Get out of the sub and climb up the ladder, then access the light fixture to take control of the humanoid. Move the humanoid down to the top of the submarine, then remove yourself from the fixture and get inside the sub. Move the sub to the right until you’re directly below the second light fixture, then boost upward to attach the humanoid to the second fixture.

Go back and attach yourself to the first light fixture and you will now have control of a second humanoid on the catwalk in the background. Move him left to the secret orb on the catwalk and pull the rod out of the orb.

The Depths – Orb #7

After you use the submarine to boost through the yellow boards on the ceiling, move up to the surface of the room above and head to the left wall to find a ladder surrounded by a steam structure. Boost up to slam the submarine into the steel structure and destroy it. This may take two or three boosts depending on your accuracy. Once the structure has been destroyed you can climb on top of the sub and jump up to the platform and eventually up to the ladder. Climb up the ladder and head left to find another secret orb.

The Mines – Orb #8

After freeing the humanoids from the circular cage, head back to the ladder on the side of the wooden planks you just climbed up. Go down the ladder and with the help of the humanoids you can pull off one of the wooden planks at the base so you can crawl inside.

Climb down the next ladder and head through the water to the left. Break off the torch just beyond the water and continue to the left. There are multiple dogs ahead that will attack from either side, but as long as you have the torch pointed toward them, the dogs will be too afraid to attack. As you move to the left, you need to move the torch left and right as the dogs approach from either side. When you reach the secret orb and pull out the rod, then dogs will flee.

Flooded Base – Orbs #9 and #10

Climb up the nearby ladder and run to the right to reach another hanging rope. Swing over to the platform on the right and then move into the next room. When you open the circular door to the far right, you’ll drop into the water below. The child enemy will be after you again so quickly swim to the right and get out of the water.

Timing is key for this next portion of the area. There’s a grate in the floor to the far right. You need to open the grate and dive underwater to press the button directly below. This opens the door to the right, but you don’t have time to make it through. Instead, you simply want to press the button and then get back up to the grate as quickly as possible. There isn’t a lot of room for error here, so you need to move quickly.

Once you’ve back out of the water, head to the left and drop into the water again. This time quickly swim to the left and dive underwater to see a tunnel. Swim through the tunnel and then back up to the surface (keep in the mind the child will still be chasing you). Head to the left to find another hidden orb. Pull the rod out of the orb, then push open the grate to the left to drop into the water below.

You’re now back in the previous area just before the circular door. Run back over to the grate and dive in. This time hit the button again as you make a beeline for the closing doorway. As soon as you make it through, head back up to the surface for air. Now swim to the right and through the opening underwater, then climb up the chain on the far side.

The chain breaks and you fall into the water, to be captured by the enemy. Don’t worry, you somehow survive and come alive again once you reach the lowest level of the area. Swim up and to the right, then move through the facility. When you come out the other side (far right), do not continue to the right just yet. Instead, drop straight down to see a closed door to the left. Grab the bar in the middle of the door and turn it once, then pull the handle near the top of the door to open it. Swim through the doorway to the left to find another secret orb. Pull the rod out of it, then head back to the right.

Facility Entrance – Orb #11

At the very beginning of the area, move through the waist-high water in the Facility Entrance area until you reach a point where your body is fully submerged. Make note of this location as you’ll be revisiting it soon. For now, continue to the right until you see a large spotlight shining down from above. If you get spotted you will have to start this section over.

Wait for the spotlight to move to the right, then run below the elevated platform to hide in its shadow. Wait for the spotlight to move to the right (not left!), then follow behind it and access the wheel in the center of the bridge. Turning the wheel causes the elevated platform to move in a clockwise rotation.

There’s another secret orb directly below your present location. To access the orb you need to place the elevated platform directly above the wheel at high noon (if it were a clock). Once that’s done, run back to the deeper water you passed before and dive down to the bottom and head into the open door to the right. Continue through the tunnel and remember that you can breathe underwater indefinitely at this point in the game, so don’t worry about having to come up for air. Pull the rod out of the orb in the platform to the right at the surface of the water, then head back up to the bridge.

Facility Entrance – Orb #12

After moving the yellow switch box from the basement, through the hatch in the ceiling and to the floor above, push the newly positioned switch box to the far right wall and activate it. Stand on top of the box and use the elevation to press the red button above. This lowers the wall to the right.

When the box drops back down to the floor, activate it again and press the button once again. This time jump over to the right as the wall rises so you’re elevated along with it. When you reach the top, head to the right to find another secret orb.

Facility Entrance – Orb #13

After using the humanoids to jump over a gap in the floor (the top of the lift), move to the right so the humanoids fall into the gap, then drop down and allow them to catch you. Move to the right wall and use the humanoids to boost you up to the hatch above, then crawl through the narrow path and climb down the ladder. Drop down to the floor and head left to the lift. Press the button to raise the lift to the top floor, then run left until the humanoids drop back down to your level.

As the humanoids are dropping, quickly run back to the lift. If you moved before all of the humanoids dropped, only a few should be with you when you reach the lift. If you moved too soon, you may have to wait for a few to catch up so you have at least two or three on the lift with you. Once that happens, quickly hit the button so the rest of the humanoids are stuck outside the lift as it moves back down. As the lift descends the remaining humanoids will fall on top of it. When you reach the bottom, press the button again to move back up to the top floor.

At this point you should have a few humanoids with you, and the rest standing on top of the lift. If that isn’t the case, repeat the process until you’ve properly separated the humanoids. Now move to the right and you’ll see a yellow cord hanging from the ceiling near one of the pillars. Use the humanoids you have with you to boost up to the cord and climb to the top. You’ll be hidden behind the pillar but you should have the motions down by now so you won’t need to see yourself do it.

When you reach the top, head left and drop down to meet with the other humanoids. Continue to the left to see another secret orb hanging above. With the help of the humanoids boost yourself up to the orb and pull out the rod. Now you can head back to the left and drop down to the floor below.

Research Facility – Orb #14

After passing by the scientists in the background and moving through the hatch in the floor and into the crawl space below, keep moving to the right. When you reach the end, jump over to the ladder, but don’t climb down just yet. Instead, climb up the ladder, then head to the right when you reach the top. To the far right is a large orb with a billboard in the background.

The lights on the billboard indicate the secret orbs you’ve found throughout the game. If a bulb is not lit, it means you haven’t found the corresponding orb. The orbs are listed in order so it should be relatively easy to determine which orbs you may be missing.

If you’ve collected the 13 previous secret orbs the hatch to the large orb is open. If you’re missing any orbs, the hatch will be closed until you go back and find them. Luckily you can load any previous checkpoint, collect a missing orb and load back to very near the large orb.

Once you have the 13 orbs, head inside the large orb and move to the right as far as you can. You won’t be able to see yourself, but when you can no longer move right, press X to grab, then pull to the left to remove the rod from the large orb. At this point you have disabled all 14 secret orbs and can get the secret ending to the game.

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