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Limbo and Inside Will Slink onto Nintendo Switch This Month

by Josh Hawkins

The Nintendo Switch’s library continues to grow and evolve each and every day. The latest games scheduled to hit the portable home console are Playdead’s creepy side-scrollers, Limbo and Inside.

Developed by Danish studio, Playdead, both Limbo and Inside offer creepy stories that have garnered critical appeal since their original releases. Now, though, the developer is looking to bring both of these side-scrolling gems to the Nintendo Switch, giving fans a chance to experience these fantastic stories no matter where they are.

You can see the Tweet from Playdead above. It’s really cool to see these games making their way to the Switch, and it just adds even more to the already robust library of titles available on Nintendo’s latest console. Currently no pricing has been announced for the games, though there has been some speculation. We’ll wait for official information regarding the price, though, so expect an update to this article when that information becomes available.

Limbo and Inside will both make their way to the Nintendo Switch on June 28, so fans won’t have long until they can play these creepy and wonderful titles on their Switch on their way to and from work—or just while traveling. You can learn more about Inside with our Inside walkthrough and guide, where you’ll find all the information you need to unlock the game’s secrets and hidden features.



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