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inFAMOUS: Second Son – How to Beat Mission 6 – Catching Smoke

by Prima Games Staff

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This mission has you tracking down and destroying three Core Relays in order to expand your powers. Because it’s difficult to explain the order we completed them in, simply attack them in the order you wish and we’ll give you detailed descriptions and instructions for each one.

Choose one of the objectives on your map and head in that direction. As always, we advise that you stick to the rooftops as you travel. Be sure to stop and take out any security cameras, checkpoints, Tracker Drones and drug dealers along the way. Although it isn’t essential you do all this, it makes traveling through the city much easier. Tracker Drones are particularly important, since they contain valuable Blast Shards.

The first Core Relay that we took out was in a parking lot, sitting against a wall with paintings of fish on it. The lot is surrounded by buildings, so get to the high ground and start picking off the D.U.P. soldiers with your Smoke Shot. There are plenty of chimneys in the area if you run low. Just be careful, there’s a gang of drug dealers on one of the rooftops. Feel free to stop and defeat them before going after the Core Relay.

With the last of the D.U.P. forces down, head to ground level and claim the Sulfur Bomb from the Core Relay. Once you do this, more agents will arrive, so take them out like you did the previous ones.

Tip: The Sulfur Bomb will merely incapacitate enemies, causing them to go into a coughing fit. This will give you a chance to subdue them and progress down the Good Karma path, providing you chose this route.

The next Core Relay that we took down was in a dead end alley. Use the surrounding buildings to get an angle on the D.U.P. agents and take them out. Just be careful, there are several enemies hanging out on a nearby rooftop. When the coast is clear, drop down, destroy the Core Relay and then use your Smoke Dash to escape through the nearby vent to avoid the incoming D.U.P. This Core Relay grants you the Cinder Missile, perfect for taking out structures and armored vehicles. When you’re safely on top of the roof, use your Cinder Missile to take out the A.P.C. and D.U.P. forces that just arrived.

Tip: Cinder Missiles get replenished the same way as your Smoke. While vehicles may not fully replenish them, chimney’s will. Be very careful when using Cinder Missiles. They do a lot of damage and can harm civilians close to the blast. Dead civilians hurt your Good Karma progression.

This Core Relay is located on top of a roof. It’s only guarded by three D.U.P. goons, so don’t worry about getting into a big fight. When you take out the three bad guys, destroy the Core Relay and absorb the Comet Drop power to finish the mission.

Tip: To use Comet Drop, press Square while airborne. This causes you to slam into the ground with great force, killing or disabling anyone nearby. Use it to ambush D.U.P. soldiers from rooftops and then quickly Smoke Dash through a vent to safety. This is a great way to thin the enemy herd.

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