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inFAMOUS: Second Son – How to Beat Mission 19 – Quid Pro Quo

by Prima Games Staff

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Head to the objective on your map to meet up with Hank and kick off this intense mission. Follow him to the pipe and absorb the nearby smoke. You have no choice if you want to proceed. Once Hank opens the pipe, Smoke Dash through and help him destroy the first pillar.

Once the first pillar is down, the D.U.P. will attack. Stay in cover and thin them out as best you can. Keep an eye on the map and move toward the pillars marked on it. There’s plenty of Smoke to absorb in the area so don’t be stingy. Use your Cinder Missile to take out the larger, more heavily armed D.U.P. agents in the area. Be sure to check your map often. Each time you take out a pillar it will update with the next one.

When all the pillars are destroyed, follow Hank up to the next level and destroy the Core Relay. This will trigger a cut scene.

Head up the nearby ramp toward Reggie. Watch out for the auto-turrets on the upper floor. Wait for them to reload and then move cover-to-cover to sneak by. You can withstand a bit of damage so don’t worry too much, just take a moment to recover if you get hurt. Keep moving to meet Reggie and kick-off the Augustine boss fight.

Defeat Augustine and Win the Boss Fight

There’s a particular formula to winning this fight against Augustine. Notice there are several structures in the area with smoke coming out of them. Use the structures for cover from her attacks as well as a source of replenishing your Smoke.

When the battle begins, Augustine will have smaller rocks orbiting her. These need to be destroyed if you plan to do any damage. Stay in cover until after Augustine attacks, then peek out and hit her with your Cinder Missile. As you do, the rocks orbiting Augustine will disappear, at which point you’ll want to use your Smoke Shot. Be quick, because if you wait too long, her orbiting rock-shield will replenish. As soon as she falls to the ground, run up and kick her in the ribs.

This process needs to be repeated several times, with each melee attack you perform on your downed opponent getting you closer to earning the Orbital Drop. Once the move is available, use it to dispatch Augustine.

The battle doesn’t end here. Now that you’ve hurt her feelings, Augustine sends some of her minions to fight her battle. They’re tough, yes, but nowhere near as tough as Augustine. The key here is to use movement and cover. Use your Cinder Missile to take out some of the weaker D.U.P. agents. When the last of the giant D.U.P agents are down, get ready to resume the boss fight.

This portion is similar to the first part. Augustine still has her orbiting rock shield that needs to be destroyed before you can do damage. The major difference here is that you receive the Video power to fight with rather than Smoke. Instead of the Cinder Missile, use the Bloodthirsty Blades to take out her shield before putting her down with the Video Torrent. Once she’s on the ground, run up and give her a few more boots in the ribs to earn your Hellfire Swarm. Call it in to dispatch Augustine and end the mission.

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