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inFAMOUS: Second Son – How to Beat Mission 12 – The Test

by Prima Games Staff

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As the mission begins, you will automatically receive Smoke rather than Neon. Make your way through the shipping containers, being mindful of the auto turrets that will rip you apart if given the opportunity. In order to defeat them, sneak around behind these devices and destroy them from the rear. If they attack, use your Smoke Dash to avoid them.

When all of the turrets are down, make your way to the gap in the bridge where the checkpoint is. You have to get somewhat close to deal damage to the next two, putting you at risk from their powerful laser attacks. Use the top of the car to replenish your Smoke and then launch yourself across the gap.

Tip: Hang onto the ledge at the feet of the guard on the left side. You can still hit him, but he won’t be able to hit you. This makes taking out the second guard much easier.

With both guards down, another fight awaits you. There are four mean looking D.U.P. agents on the road ahead. These guys love to build concrete shields in front of themselves. Either stay on the checkpoint or drop down and fight them up close. If you drop down, Smoke Dash to avoid their attacks while delivering powerful melee attacks of your own. If you get in trouble, Smoke Dash again to pass back through the checkpoint to safety. With these four down, move up for your second boss fight of the game.

Defeat the Enormous D.U.P. Agent

The lights in this area are neon, and that’s the power you’ll want to use to defeat this guy. Notice there are several large rock structures around the bridge. Make sure you have one between you and your enemy at all times.

The D.U.P. agent will attack by throwing two large rocks at a time. Stay behind the stationary rock structures and wait for his attacks. He pauses before engaging Delsin again, and this is when you will do your damage.

Tip: Remember that R1 will deliver a Phosphor Beam, an attack much more powerful than the Neon Beam. If you can land a few of these the battle will be over in no time.

Shots to his orbiting rocks won’t do any damage, and neither will shots to the base of this guy. You need to hit him directly in the body or head. The best way to do this is to keep the large stationary rocks in front of you, backing away from them and shooting over the top to score hits. Once you hit him two or three times, tuck in close to the rock structures and let him attack. Once he throws both rocks, repeat the process. The key here is precision. Don’t fire 10 times hoping to get one or two hits, take your time and make sure two or three shots are on target.

When the big guy falls, the mission is over. Enjoy the Lantern District!

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