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inFAMOUS: Second Son – How to Beat Mission 11 – Fight Intolerants – Evil Karma

by Prima Games Staff

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Mission 11 can take two forms depending on what option you choose. If you chose to pursue a Good Karma play through, you’ll want to check out Trash the Stash. This mission, however, is posted playing with Evil Karma. Feel free to kill anyone and everyone you get close to.

When the mission begins, immediately drop down and kill the protestors whose location is the objective on the map. As soon as you begin messing with the protestors, the D.U.P. arrive to spoil the party. Regardless of whether you’re packing Smoke or Neon at this point, aim for headshots to advance your Evil Karma. Once the last good guy (let’s face it, you’re the bad apple in this scenario) drops, move on to your next objective.

From here on out, you’ll have three objectives. It doesn’t matter what order you approach them from, so just do this in way that feels natural.

None of the objectives in this mission present a high level of difficulty, allowing players to work on their Evil Karma by taking out as many civilians as possible. Try approaching each objective from the rooftops to give yourself a tactical advantage. We really enjoyed getting into the middle of the action with some big melee kills, but don’t be afraid to run away if you get into trouble.

After you’ve broken up the third protest, head to the tunnel to meet Fetch. It’s the only objective you currently have, so check your map if you’re lost. Once you arrive, there are dozens of D.U.P. to deal with, including some who can take and pack a good punch. If you’re running with Neon, aim for vehicles that have several people standing around them and use your Phosphor Beam for the multi-kill. If you’re using Smoke, go with the Cinder Missile for the same result.

After fighting your way through the tunnel, head out and confront an army of D.U.P. If you have an Orbital Drop or Radiant Sweep available, now is the time to use it. This will drastically thin out your opposition. If you don’t have a Karma streak saved up, get to the rooftops and treat this like any other battle. The mission ends when the final D.U.P. agent drops.

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