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inFAMOUS: Second Son – How to Beat Mission 1 – Delsin Rowe

by Prima Games Staff

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When you gain control of Delsin, follow the on-screen instructions to spray paint the sign. Tilt your Dual Shock 4 controller to maneuver the can’s nozzle. Cover all portions of the stencils to complete the graffiti and trigger a cut scene.

As soon as you regain control, go to the right and through the door with the exit sign above it. This next part of the game serves to familiarize players with the general movement controls. 

Drop down to the roof below and then onto the dock. Climb the ladder to your left, jumping from one canister to the next and then to another dock below. Follow the dock down to the beach, running a short ways further and onto the broken dock. Move along the broken dock until you reach a cliff with white spray paint. Climb to the ledge, shimmy to the left and drop down onto the beach again. Run up the fallen log, hopping from rock to rock as you continue towards your objective on the other side of the beach. When you reach another ledge with white spray paint, climb all the way up and walk around to the right side. Jump down to a rock below before grabbing onto the third and final ledge. Move to the left along the ledge, climb up and enter the Longhouse to complete this mission.

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