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Hitman: Episode 5 – Complete the Oh Burn Assassination Challenge

by Prima Games Staff

Agent 47 is back in his signature black suit and tie as he heads into Colorado to take on a group of homegrown terrorists called the ‘Freedom Fighters’. Players will need all of their wits and strategies to complete this mission, and the plethora of challenges included with it. In this article we’ll teach you how to take out Ezra Berg, one of the four targets you’ve been issued at the terrorist compound. We’ll be covering how to complete the ‘Oh Burn’ assassination challenge, which will require you to kill Ezra using a gas canister.

Prepare to Complete the Oh Burn Assassination Challenge

The first part of any assassination is preparation. In order to pull off this challenge, and take out Ezra Berg, you’re going to need to acquire a soldier’s disguise, a wrench, and to sabotage a specific gas canister in a particular building on the property. You’ll also need to overdose a prisoner that Ezra is holding captive in the basement. Don’t worry, though. We’re going to walk you through the whole process.

Oh Burn Assassination Challenge Walkthrough

First things first. Let’s get a disguise. Load into the mission and make your way to the large moving trucks in the front of the house. In the long trailer, the one with the ramp going up into it, you can find a Militia Elite disguise. This disguise will get you everywhere you need to go.

Once you have the disguise, make your way to the barn just in front of the trucks. Here you will find two soldiers talking to each other. Wait until they get mad at each other, and the one outside the barn walks away. At this point, sneak into the barn and take the second soldier out, hiding him in the cabinet on the back wall. Now grab the wrench of the shelf in the barn, and use it to loosen the gas canister next to the double doors. You should also make sure to grab the Basement Key off of the table near the gas canister, as you’re going to need it to get down below and overdose the prisoner.

With the key in hand, and the gas canister top loosened, make your way into the house, and down into the basement. The soldier here will recognize you if you get too close, so be sure to stay out of sight as much as possible. Switch off the lights at the bottom of the stairs, and then sneak around the middle shelves and up to the window with the prisoner behind it. Here you should get the option to Administer Overdose. This will make the prisoner inside pass out, causing the guard to freak out when he returns.

Hide behind the Boiler and wait for the guard to call Ezra. The interrogator will come down to the basement and check the prisoner out, at which point he’ll say that he needs to check his numbers. Follow him out of the basement, careful to watch out for the guards in the area that can identify you. Follow Ezra back to the shed where you loosened the gas canister, and wait for him to head inside and look over his numbers. Inside, he’ll trigger a spark, and the gas canister will explode, sending him flying to his death.

This will complete the Oh Burn assassination challenge. There are still plenty of assassinations and other challenges to complete in the latest episode, so be sure to head over to our Hitman walkthrough and guide for more details and guides.

Once you complete the Oh Burn challenge, you’ll still need to take care of the other three targets in the fifth episode of IO Interactives Hitman reboot. Be sure to pay special attention to your surroundings, and look out for any tools that you can use to make your job easier. Disguises, items, and tools are hidden throughout the level, so look around for new options. If you followed this guide you should have complete the Oh Burn assassination challenge, and taken out Ezra Berg, in Hitman: Episode 5.

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