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Hitman: Episode 4 – Thunder Kiss ’65 Assassination Challenge

by Prima Games Staff

This article will cover how to complete the Thunder Kiss ’65 Assassination in Hitman: Episode 4. Set in Bangkok, Agent 47 must infiltrate a prestigious hotel and take down two targets, Jordan Cross – a hit rockstar who has come to the hotel to record some new tracks – and Ken Morgan, Cross’ lawyer. The new episode is full of interesting challenges, discoveries, and assassinations. This guide will teach you how to infiltrate Cross’ stage crew, complete the Are ‘Friends’ Electric challenge, as well as how to pull off this accidental assassination plan.

Join the Stage Crew

The first step of this assassination is very similar to the steps provided in our Look Ma, No Head assassination walkthrough. Head into the hotel and take the first right at the front desk. Ignore the people around you, and head up the stairs to the second area of the hotel’s restaurant area. Take your first left, moving past the two guards in front of the private bar area.

You should notice a set of stairs beyond the next doorway. Take the stairs up to the first level, and then make your way down the hall to Suite 207. You’ll have to wait for the occupant to open the door. But when she leaves, slip in before the doors close. To grab the disguise you’re going to need to get close to Jordan, turn left and head into the bathroom. The outfit is on the floor in front of the tub. Equip it, and then head out of the room and to the left.

Make your way through the double doors that lead from the living area to the bedroom section, and then sneak around the sleeping man on the floor to grab the microphone from the bag in front of the window.

The Big Setup

Now you need to make your way down to the main lobby, and look for the staircase that leads to a private area of the hotel that has been blocked off by guards. The stairs are in the left back corner of the room when facing the front desk. Don’t worry about the guards, your disguise will get you past them. Keep an eye out for any people marked with bright white dots, as these characters will see through your disguise if they notice you too closely.

Keep climbing the stairs until you reach the large area where they have set up Cross’ recording studio. Talk to Wes to tell him about the microphone and you will be instructed to install it in the booth. Head inside the booth, install the microphone, and then make your way back towards the sound desk, making sure to grab the nearby screwdriver before doing so.

With your screwdriver in tow, take note of the bow marked ‘Increase Voltage’. This is how you will kill Jordan Cross, but before you can activate it you’re going to need to get him in the recording booth. Go through the mini game at the sound desk, and once the beat and music matches what Wes wants, he’ll call Jordan down. Wait for Jordan to head towards the recording booth, then slip over and use the screwdriver to increase the voltage to the mic stand. This will cause Jordan Cross to be electrocuted, earning you the Thunder Kill ’65 challenge.