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Halo 5 Guardians Mission 10: Enemy Lines

by Prima Games Staff

Now here’s where the action picks up. You assume control of Spartan Locke and Fireteam Osiris, on the lookout for a Forerunner Constructor required to activate the Guardian. There are Kraken nearby, but don’t let them stand in the way.

You’ll find a gap right across the waterfall, which should take you into the canyon. Keep an eye open for a keyhole-style gateway and make your way through it, where there will be a Data Pad on the left hand side. Snag it, then break off to the right, where you’ll find some Covenant waiting. Defeat them and work your way into the next open area. 

Once there, you’ll have some help with the Kraken in the form of a few Arbiter soldiers. This will let you continue towards the Constructor. Hang around the corner to the left hand side and you’ll see a giant staircase, which will take you into a new part of the stage. Watch out for any Grunts and other enemies that get in your way – take them down quickly. 

There will be a large shield blocking the doorway. However, find a nook on the right hand side (in a hole in the rock formation) and you’ll be able to slip to the other side, where you can shoot the shield generator. This will unblock the path so you can continue on your way.

From here, you’ll go through the canyon, where you’ll find some Ghosts nearby. Hop into one and make your way to the Temple Grounds. Getting shot will damage to your vehicle, so watch out where you fly. Make sure to shoot down enemies that get in your way. 

You’ll come across another Shield, but you can use one of the nearby Plasma Cannons by detaching it from its post. (Other heavy weapons will get the job done as well.) Once  destroyed, you’ll move further towards the Temple entrance. Make sure you take care of any Covenant that pop up.

Once you’re in the Temple, walk near the far wall and you’ll spot a few hieroglyphics on the side. You’ll be able to use your scanner to get more information. 

After that’s done and you’re at the rear of the Temple, look for a higher platform and make your way up using some nearby stone ledges. There will be a small stone device you can scan, which will open up a large doorway nearby. Go through it and you’ll have to deal with a few Prometheans.

From there, go into the next area, where you can team with the Arbiter to take down Kraken soldiers. Use the Phaeton to dispose of the Kraken. Now hop out and you’ll be on the main Kraken, which you can descend into to find the power generator. 

Shooting at the generator will get the job done, but watch out for enemy soldiers that come after you while you’re shooting. After it’s destroyed, hightail it out of the Kraken and look for a nearby vehicle, like the Phaeton or a Banshee, to escape. 

You’ll see a large gate open on the upper tier. Head into it and you’ll find a pair of airlock doors to go through, which will take you into a rear chamber. Hit the nearby panel and you’ll find the Constructor. You’ll also have to deal with a few foes as well, so take them down, then work your way to the Phantom drop zone. Mission accomplished!

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