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GTA 5 – The Bureau Raid – Roof Entry Approach

by Prima Games Staff

There are a total of four heists which players can complete in Grand Theft Auto V. Each heist can be completed two separate ways. Today we are going to walk you through how to complete The Bureau Raid (Roof Entry) and achieve the Gold medal for 100 percent completion.

Crew: Paige Harris (Hacker), Gustavo Mota (Gunman), Eddie Toh (Driver)

Pre-Requisite Missions: The Agency Heist, Architect’s Plans

Gold – Completion Requirements:

  • Don’t kill any innocent civilians
  • Kill 20 enemies with a headshot
  • Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 70 percent
  • Hack the system within 00:45
  • Complete within 19:00
  • Land perfectly on the main section of the roof

By completing this mission you will earn the bronze PS3 trophy ‘The Government Gimps’ and the Xbox 360 achievement of the same name.

You play as Michael for the entire heist so be sure to stop by Ammu-Nation prior to triggering the mission. Purchase full Body Armor and make sure you own either the Pistol or Combat Pistol. Equip your pistol of choice with an Extended Clip and a Flashlight. Next up, if you don’t own the Pump Shotgun purchase that as well. Equip it with the Flashlight. Make sure you have several hundred rounds for each weapon. Lastly, purchase two or three Sticky Bombs and to be on the safe side, five rounds for the RPG. These are the exact weapons we used to achieve the Gold completion requirements.

As we always advise, select the best crew possible when planning a heist with Lester. You may be tempted to save some money but incompetent crew members often make mistakes which end up costing you in the end anyway. The crew we’ve chosen above will help you with that flawless run you need. Additionally, Michael doesn’t make any money on this heist. Franklin’s cut is minimal so spending the cash on the crew is a worthwhile investment.

This is the most difficult heist to achieve Gold completion up to this point in the game. There are six requirements to pull it off and the choices we’ve made above are all aimed at giving you the best chance to complete them. If any character dies, or you fail for any reason you will have to restart the mission from the beginning. You cannot unlock the Gold completion if you have to start again from a checkpoint.

After the cut scene run down the stairs and get into the waiting vehicle. In order to obtain Gold completion you must finish this heist in less than 19:00 minutes and the clock is officially ticking. Drive as fast as you can, following the green route on your radar to the NOOSE building. Once you arrive pull into the green marker.

Watch the cut scene and get into the helicopter. Gain altitude and pilot the chopper towards the round check point. Get close another cut scene is triggered where Michael gives up control and moves to the back. Press the Square (PS3) or X (Xbox 360) to jump from the chopper. Free fall for about five to ten seconds. Press up on the Left Stick gently to direct Michael towards the landing zone on top of the FIB building. When you pull your parachute is up to you. Either way, gently press your Left Stick up again to angle Michael towards the marker. As you get close to the roof press and hold the L1 and R1 (PS3) or Left Bumper and Right Bumper (Xbox 360) to slow your descent to the landing zone. Keep using the Left Stick to land in the marker. You want to hit the roof, not the window to ensure you pull off the perfect landing. Doing so is one of the requirements to Gold completion.

Enjoy the cut scene and after gain control of Michael head to the Server Room. Plant a Sticky Bomb on the door and stand clear. Detonate it the explosive to blast open the door. Enter the room and get ready to hack the system.

Paige begins to feed you instructions over the radio but we’ll also write them out for you here as an additional reference. Keep in mind that completing this portion of the heist in under 45 seconds is a requirement for Gold completion. As soon as you are able to, click on My Computer and then External Device. Select HackConnect.exe. A screen pops up with a series of numbers. Notice the numbers in red at the top? Memorize the first two sets of the IP address and locate them below. You need to line up the IP address exactly as you see it above. Once you do, press X (PS3) or A (Xbox 360) to select them. Next, select BruteForce.exe to trigger the password hack. Start on the left and wait for the red letter to scroll to the middle, time it so that you select it as it passes through the blue bar on your screen. Do this for all eight characters of the password. If you miss one you have to start again so don’t be afraid to let a letter pass by. You can catch it the next time around. The IP address and password change every time so there’s no way to plan ahead and try to predict this.

Another cut scene plays before Paige notifies you that a security team has been deployed. Wonderful! Equip your pistol of choice. Do not use any other weapon. In order to obtain Gold completion you must get 20 headshots and maintain a 70 percent shooting accuracy throughout the entire mission. Using an automatic weapon will make headshots much more difficult. Michael takes cover by the Server Room. As FIB agents enter the room, use the L2 (PS3) Left Trigger (Xbox 360) to lock on to them. If Michael’s shooting skill is high enough, he should automatically aim at each agent’s upper chest. Use the Right Stick to aim just a little bit higher and take your headshots. You’ll know you got a headshot when an agent falls from only one bullet and a red X pops up indicating a kill. Only take shots you can hit. Missing even a few shots can be the difference between Gold and Silver completion.

After dealing with the first wave of FIB agents your extraction chopper will crash. Of course it did. Deal with the remaining FIB agents. One shot one kill headshots only. Once Paige tells you the download is complete switch to your Pump Shotgun. The large pellet spread from this weapon will help you maintain your 70 percent accuracy. You should have enough headshots by now. There’s no definite way to know unless you were somehow able to count as you played. If you feel like you might be short you’ll need to make them up here.

Follow Franklin and Gustavo to the door at the other end of the room. Let them charge through it. Once they do an FIB agent falls to the floor in front of you. Take the easy headshot with your Pump Shotgun. Another FIB agent waits just inside the door, keep your weapon raised and take him out. Follow Gustavo into the stairwell where he’ll kill a lone gunman. Stop at the landing between floors and aim at the door. As the next door opens there are two bad guys. Let Franklin and Gustavo take them out but if you get a clear shot feel free to take it. Just don’t shoot your own crew. Keep heading the only direction you can. Michael asks Paige to disable the sprinkler system. Good thing you hired the best hacker or you would be out of luck! There are several FIB agents in the burned out room. Take cover behind the debris, popping up and taking out the opposition with your Pump Shotgun. Keep moving up and taking cover until the room is clear. Keep moving through the rooms to trigger another cut scene and somewhat insensitive joke by Michael.

Once you regain control of Michael the game has changed your weapon. Quickly switch back to the Pump Shotgun. There’s a guy at the elevator. At first glance he doesn’t look to be a threat but if you wait too long he’ll turn and fire at you. Shoot him in the back taking advantage of the easy headshot. Work your way down the hall to the left of the elevator. A lone gunman attacks. A quick blast from the Pump Shotgun and he won’t be bothering you anymore. As you go through the door on the right there’s a man performing CPR on someone. Don’t shoot him. He’s a civilian and killing him will end any hopes you had of Gold completion. Grab the Health Kit on the floor next to him and move through the hall. Two men who appear to be in distress stumble out in front of you. Waste them! If you wait too long they’ll open fire on you so go for couple more easy headshots. At the end of the hall take cover by the door. There’s another gunman in the next room. Peek out and take him down. As you enter the room you’ll be fired on again. take cover by the pillar, peek out and let your Pump Shotgun do the talking. Move through the door in front of you and kill the two FIB agents who rush you. Head for the door at the other end of the room and into the hall. There’s another bad guy so take him down and head through the door to the right. There’s two more of the seemingly endless number of FIB agents so shoot them and move around the corner. Head down the stairwell following the only path you can take. Once you enter a hallway two more gunman attack. Take them out with two well placed shots from your Pump Shotgun. Finally, you’re ready to make your escape from the FIB building.

To repel quickly hold down on the Left Stick and press the Square (PS3) or X (Xbox 360) button. The longer you hold the button the faster you’ll repel. Once you reach a balcony you’re engaged by a helicopter. Take cover behind the railing and equip your RPG. Make sure you’re clear of Franklin and Gustavo so they don’t accidentally die from the blast. Once the chopper is down switch back to your pistol and head to the other end of the balcony and into the green marker. Repel towards the ground. Once you’re close press and hold the X (PS3) or A (Xbox 360) button to quick rope to the ground.

Head towards the green blip on your radar. Take cover behind the wall of the building. Take down the two FIB agents who engage you. Now is not a time for headshots. Feel free to kill them with some body shots but be mindful that Franklin and Gustavo will shoot at them as well. Shooting a dead body counts as a missed shot so make sure your targets are alive before engaging. Move up a bit closer to the green blip on your radar and take cover behind the wall again. There’s three final FIB agents. Take them down by peeking around the wall and sprint toe the ambulance.

Once everyone is in the ambulance follow the green route on your radar back to Franklin’s safe house. Leave the sirens on or turn them off. Driver’s choice. Keep in mind the mission isn’t over until you walk into the marker at Franklin’s front door so get a move on. The clock is still ticking.

Enjoy the cut scene and if you were able to follow along without any hiccups, the Gold completion. It took us between six and eight attempts to meet all the requirements. Keep attempting the heist, perfecting your technique and learning the details until you get it perfect.

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