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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD – Chapter 5: The First Battle of Judecca

by Bryan Dawson

Mission 7 – The Reclamation of Eibon

S-Rank Requirements:
Time – 25:00
Phantoma – 11
Casualties – 0

Defend the Dominion Main Camp

First you need to take on the Infantry Units until the units from the Main Camp take Domain 1. At that point the Main Camp and Domain 1 will head for Domain 2, which you should also help with. Units from Domain 3 and 4 will head directly for the Main Camp. It’s your job to defend the Main Camp for 90 seconds. Halfway through that timeframe a large force from Domain 4 in the north will make their way toward the Main Camp. Your focus should be those forces at this point, leaving Domain 3 to the other forces (although you should check in on them occasionally).

Neutralize the Energy Wall at Toguagh

Before you engage the energy wall surrounding Toguagh, send the Main Camp forces to Domain 3 to capture it. When that task has been completed, send the Main Camp troops to Toguagh and assist in the attack on the energy wall. Focus you attack on Colonel Faith and his Magitek Armor. Inflict as much damage as possible, but it’s very difficult to prevent him from taking Domain 2, so don’t worry too much if that happens. If he takes Domain 2 he’ll start to make his way to Domain 1. Just get his health down to the yellow bar to stop him from advancing.

Main Street

Once the energy wall is down, initiate the invasion of Toguagh. Head into the safe zone, then proceed through the north passage. When you reach Main Street you’ll fine Imperial soldiers waiting for you. Take out the first wave of soldiers, but don’t engage the reinforcements that show up. Instead, make your way into the Central Square.

Central Square

Upon entering the Central Square you will have three minutes to take out Colonel Faith. Ignore the Imperials Troopers and focus your attention exclusively on Faith. Once he’s down, head back to the starting area and go through the southeast passage to find your allies being attacked. Help them out before you proceed to the next area.

Neutralize the Energy Wall at Eibon

Instruct Domain 1 and the Main Camp to produce Spark Units that should be sent to Domain 5. Once that’s done, assist in taking Domain 4, then Domain 5. After all of these battles your troops will converge on Eibon and begin to take down the energy wall. Once the wall is down you’ll have to deal with Colonel Faith again. Attack him until he flees into Eibon, then begin the invasion.

West Stairs

Take out the Imperial soldiers at the entrance, then make your way south. When Colonel Faith spawns again, take him out of the air with a Breaksight strike, then get his health down as low as you can before he flees again.

Command Center

Take out the Imperial soldiers and Prometheus Magitek Armor in the South Corridor, then proceed to the East Corridor to engage a few Warriors and two more Prometheus units. Make your way to the Main Stairs to find two more Warriors, then head to the Command Center. Supersoldiers and Imperial Troopers attack as you work toward the conference room. When you get there you’ll need to take down Commanding Officer Berkeley to complete the mission and obtain the Blizzard SHG spell.

Before you head back home, go to the entrance and speak to the man sitting down with the kid next to him. When you describe the monument, tell him it’s hexagonal, thirty feet high and granite gray to receive the I’Cie Kanna’s Crystal.

Mission 8 – The Battle of Judecca

S-Rank Requirements:
Time – 35:00 (with no Eidolon at the boss), 22:00 (with an Eidolon at the boss)
Phantoma – 64
Casualties – 0

Aximo Deck

Take control of a the autocannon and fight off the dragons attacking for one minute. The dragons never attack from the propeller side, so focus your attention to the left. Pay close attention to the upper-left corner of the screen as you can easily miss the dragons coming from that angle.

Once the first dragon attack comes to an end the Commanding Officer dragon, Zuiun, appears. Take it out as fast as possible, then get back to the autocannon for another assault.  This is very similar to the first attack. Hold out for a minute and a Five-Star Dragon appears. Shoot it as much as possible, stepping off of the autocannon when it attacks so you can dodge to the far side of the ship. Using a fast character makes this a bit easier to handle, but it won’t be long before the attack comes to an end.

Frozen Trail

After the safe zone you’ll be in a room filled with Bombs, Flame Flans and a Dracoknight. The Dracoknights can be a bit of a pain, but stick to attacking them and you’ll come out victorious. Take out all of the enemies and then clear out the enemies in the next room to spawn the Seiku dragon. Use a character with ranged attacks to make this battle much easier.

In the next room you’ll have to face off against two Dracoknights, two Pyronades and a Snowsquatch. Take them all down and then move on to the next room to face Mikazuchi. You can engage Mikazuchi with a ranged character to avoid most of its attacks, but the battle will take a bit of time. If you use a heavy-hitting melee character, stick and move by attacking a few times, then dodging away to avoid Mikazuchi’s attacks.

Dominion HQ Pro Tem and HG Pro Tem

Take down the dragon Commanding Officer, Ginga, to turn this area into a safe zone. Head over to the waypoint in the Dominion HG Pro Tem and speak to Nighi. Do as he requests, then speak to the cadet lying on the ice to receive a Knowing Tag. Use the Recovery Portal and Relic Terminal ahead and switch Jack to your active leader in preparation for what’s to come. Take out all of the enemies in the Yugumo Approach, then proceed to the next area. There’s also a hidden item in front of the entrance. It’s on the wall in the pit, but it’s very hard to see. If you’re in the right position a target will appear so you can pick it up.

Glacial Plain

Defeat the dragon Commanding Officer and access the Recovery Portal before leaving the Yugumo Approach and heading into the Glacial Plain. Take out the enemies in the area before you accept the Special Order, then head to the flaming wreckage to the left of the south path to find the item you need.

The Yugumo

After the safe zone a timer will initiate. Defeat the enemies in the room and then quickly make your way into the next area. Take out all of the enemies in the room, then accept the Special Order. The item you need is south of the western passage. Pick it up and continue down the west path and toward the Central Station.

Central Station

Attack the dragon a few times to scare it away and start another timer. Take down the enemies marked on the map as quickly as possible. The next room is random depending on which station the dragon flies off to, but the Knowing Tag for the Special Order is located in front of the flaming wreckage in the center of the area.

Eastern, Western and Southern Stations

Engage the Flyvern until you’ve inflicted enough damage to scare it off and start the timer anew. Quickly take out any remaining enemies in the area that may be marked on the map and receive an Ether from the cadet you saved. Take the south path back to Central Station, then go west to the Western Station where you’ll need to save another cadet.

Once again, attack the Flyvern until it flees the room. Finish off the Snowsquatch to receive a Mega-Potion from the cadet, then quickly make your way south to reach the Southern Station. Engage the Flyvern again, then take out the Demonicorn to receive an Elixir from the cadet.

With all of that done (in random order depending on where the dragon flew off to), head back to Central Station, then go north to reach the Yugumo again. From there, head north and up the ladder to reach the safe zone. Save your progress and tend to your party, then head up the ladder to return to the Glacial Plain.

Glacial Plain Revisited

This time around you’ll fight Sanzashi and the Flyvern. Cycle through your targets until you’re focused on Sanzashi. You can score a Breaksight strike while the Flyvern is charging a fireball in its mouth. It’s best to attack when the Flyvern is grounded after a Breaksight strike, but this does leave you vulnerable, so be cautious. When you’ve taken out Sanzashi, head north to get to the Dracobaltian Dreadnought safe zone.

First, Second, Third and Bottom Decks

Head north from the safe zone to engage the Dracobaltians. It’s very important to stay on the move while fighting them. If you remain still you will most certainly get hit and likely die. Attack then quickly dodge. Repeat this cycle until the area is clear. Pick up the Special Order item in front of the Dracobaltian, then head to the Second Deck to find the item you need for the next Special Order on the last outcropping in the area before moving on to the Third Deck.

Here you’ll find more Dracobaltians, with the Special Order item located on one of the outcroppings. Go to the Bottom Deck and follow the yellow marker down the path and engage the Dracobaltians that attack. Head north to the Crystal Cloudfield.

Crystal Cloudfield

Go through the Dominion HQ Pro Team on your way to find Naghi in some danger. Approach the dragon to chase it away, then follow Naghi down the path. Put your weapon away to coincide with the Special Order, then wait just before you cross the threshold to dodge any attacks before you head into the Ark Moorage. Clear out all of the enemies in the area to create a safe zone before the upcoming boss battle.

Boss Battle: Shinryu Celestia

The unfortunate fact is that this is not a fight you can win during your first play through. Stay as far away from Shinryu Celestia as possible to make it easier to dodge the attacks. When Shinryu Celestia is in the darkness pay close attention to the red eyes in order to dodge the attacks that follow. Stay on one side of the room, then rush to the other side as soon as Shinryu attacks. Make sure you keep Shinryu Celestia in front of you as much as possible.

Once your party is completely wiped out, you get to control a new Eidolon. Ideally you want to use a fully charged Command 1 on Shinryu Celestia, but if you can’t pull that off switch to your secondary attack. When you see a Breaksight opportunity take it to keep Shinryu Celestia down long enough to charge your ultimate attack. When Shinryu Celestia is down the mission is complete and you’re rewarded with a Fire MIS magic.

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