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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD – Chapter 1: War – Three Hours that Changed the World

by Bryan Dawson

Mission 0 – Taking Back Akademeia

S-Rank Requirements:
Time – 8:00
Phantoms – 40
Casualties – 0

The Vermilion Bird Gate

Make your way through the gates just ahead and take down the Imperial Troopers that attack. Head to the top of the stairs to engage the Commanding Officer. Once he’s down, go through the Recovery Portal before you leave. Before you move on to the next area, go up the stairs to the right of the door and pick up the potion on the ground.

The Terraced Square

Take down the Imperial Troopers in the room to spawn a monster. You don’t need to engage the monster, just watch out for its fireball attacks. If you have trouble evading them, use Ace’s Wall for additional protection. The monster only sticks around for a few minutes, so you won’t have to dodge for long.

With the monster gone, pick up the Knowing Tag in the middle of the room, then head to the north side to find another Recovery Portal near a locked door. Access the control panel in front of the door to open it and continue on to the next area.

Tasuki Bridge

Pick up the potion on the ground near the barricade, then make your way across the bridge. There are a number of enemies ahead, both directly ahead and to either side of the bridge. Your best bet here is to use Ace and dodge as much of the sidelining fire as you can while you take down the enemies.

Rubrum Square (Safe Zone)

Head to the center of Rubrum Square to find a Relic Terminal. Use this to save your progress, but don’t worry about making any upgrades to your characters. Head east and make your way through the next passage and into the Airship Landing.

Airship Landing

Make your way to the east side of the room to find a panel. Take down the Troopers that attack, then activate the panel to move the platform and create a bridge that leads to the northeast portion of the room. Use Ace to engage the Commanding Officer blocking your way to the lift. This time around, the Commanding Officer uses Magitek Armor, so take control of Ace to engage him. Stay a few feet away from the Magitek Armor, keeping Ace to either side to avoid most of its firepower. It won’t be long before the Commanding Officer is down and you can proceed onto the lift. Be ready to fend off the two Imperial Troopers that attack while the lift is in motion.

Imperial Flagship

When the lift reaches its destination, three Imperial Troopers attack. Take control of Ace and move close to the barricade the enemies are hiding behind.  Use Blizzard BOM to remove the barricade, then use a normal attack to take down the Gunner on the balcony to the right. With all of the enemies taken care of, continue on to the next area.

Main Deck

Upon entering the next area you’ll find four more enemies. Take control of Ace again and use Blizzard BOM to take out the Imperial Troopers, then head north to find a bevy of Troopers, Gunners and another Commanding Officer. Take all of the enemies down, then plant a Magicite Bomb in the exposed core through the door to the north.

Make your way toward the southern exit to find more Imperial Troopers and another Commanding Officer. Don’t get too close to the Commanding Officer to avoid taking too much damage. This is a great time to use Queen’s Thunder SHG or Blizzard BOM again. You don’t have a lot of time to defeat the enemies because the fire from the explosive is moving south toward your location. Defeat the enemies quickly to head back to the Airship Landing.

Before you make your way back to Rubrum Square, head right and make your way up the rubble to the north to find more useful items (either an Elixir or Ether). Pick up the item, then head down the broken pathway and back into Rubrum Square. Once there, head past the Relic Terminal to find a puddle of blood where a potion is located. There’s a boss battle coming up, so you may want to upgrade your characters now. When you’re done, head north to the Fountain Courtyard.

Fountain Courtyard

Two more enemies equipped with Magitek Armor wait in the middle of the courtyard. Take them out, then go up the stairs to the north to find another item. The next area contains the boss battle, so make sure you’re ready before you proceed.

Boss Battle: Dainsleif

As the first boss battle of the game, the fight against Dainsleif is more of a learning experience than anything else. Odin is your best option here, but you need to make sure he survives if you’re going to win the fight. You need to charge up Odin’s Zantetsuken ability to full (100) before you unleash the attack on Dainsleif. The attack destroys the Dainsleif’s tread, making it virtually immobile.

Dodge the satellite strikes that the Dainsleif uses to attack. It fires a set of four strikes before there’s a pause in the action. Take control of Jack to inflict as much damage as possible while you avoid the barrage of satellite strikes. Finish off the Dainsleif to go back to the Fountain Courtyard, then head through the door to the north to complete the mission!

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