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The Evil Within Chapter 14: Ulterior Motives – Boss Fight, Subway, Freeze Bolt

by Prima Games Staff

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When the chapter begins and players are in control of Detective Castellanos, they will want to move forward, heading down deeper into the subway station. As there normally are, there will be side rooms to explore, as well as an opportunity to visit Nurse Tatiana for a game save and some upgrades. When you return, keep moving deeper underground.

Tip: Watch out for the little spike bombs that make plenty of appearances in this chapter. They are detonated by proximity, but you can often trigger them and get outside the blast radius prior to them exploding.

Continue moving deeper and deeper until you pass through a garage door and iron gate. You’ll have several foes in the subway car up ahead, as well as some dead bodies that need burning along the way. We found these enemies to be quite dumb, so don’t hesitate to take some risks here. You can go for the sneak kills, or just put them down with the Shotgun. Just be careful making your way through the subway car after everyone is dead – there be traps set!

Keep on working your way through the subway cars, enemies and traps, eventually coming to a web of goo that needs to be burned before you can pass through. Hit it with one of your Matches, then continue along the only available path. When you reach some electrical traps that block the hallway, crouch and pass under them, then pull the lever on the wall to disable the second one.

Tip: When deciding if you should burn a dead body or not, make your decision based on how they died. If you killed them, it might be safe to leave them be. However, if you aren’t sure how they died, there is a solid chance they will rise from the dead. Burn that sucker.

Up ahead will be more stairs and more levers. Climb the stairs and pull the levers, moving forward until you find another portal to visit Nurse Tatiana. If you have enough Green Gel, buy some upgrades, then return to the mission and crawl inside the nearby ventilation shaft. Just be careful of the creature that tends to crawl out of it. Set him on fire before he can bring you any harm.

Pass through the vent and drop into a sewer like corridor, then make your way through in the only direction available. When you come to a room with some water in the middle, turn the nearby valve to drain it, then keep moving forward. After climbing a couple of ladders and burning another web of goo, you’ll come to a concrete tunnel that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Fight your way through the two headed creatures that stand in your way, burning any hanging bodies as you snatch a battery like device from a panel on the end wall. From here, backtrack a short distance to see that you can now turn a valve that was previously blocked by an electrical current. You might have to dodge some glob and slay some monsters, but you shouldn’t have any trouble reaching it.

As we like to say, keep on keeping on until you trigger a scripted event. When you have partial control, aim your Handgun at the beast’s face and feed it a few rounds. Eventually it will drop you, and then it’s back to moving along the only pathway the game gives you.

After a bit of wandering around you’ll eventually find yourself at a generator, with a nearby elevator that has a lever inside. To the right of the elevator is a puzzle, and to the right of that is a piece that you need to complete it. Grab the piece, then approach the puzzle and arrange it so that all of the components are lit up. While this will restore power to the elevator, it’ll also trigger the chapter’s boss fight.

Tip: This creature is a little bit tougher than the previous bosses, but it can be hurt, which causes it to flee into the overhead vents. When this happens, look for the dripping goo to give away its location, then hit it with some quick work from your Shotgun.

When the battle begins, utilize your Freeze Bolt to neutralize this threat, then drop some Grenades at its base to cause maximum damage. When you’re out of Grenades, go with your Explosive Bolt. There really isn’t a trick here… just shoot the beast with everything you have while simultaneously avoiding its attacks. When the battle ends, fire up the generator and board the elevator.

After quick breather in the elevator, start making your way forward in the only available direction. This will lead you onto the suspended subway, and when Ruvik pays you a visit it’ll be time to bolt. Run as quickly as you can until you’re involuntarily teleported, then keep moving a short distance to trigger an extended cut scene.

When the scene ends you’ll have to deal with several enemies that are connected to Ruvik’s stem. We spent some time shooting them, but it turned out that the easiest way to kill them was with the Flash Bolt, then a blitz attack to disconnect them from the stem. When they’re all down you’ll get another cut scene, plus some time to purchase upgrades. Shortly after it’s on to the final chapter of the game.

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