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Dying Light Mission 1: Awakening – Find Gauze and Alcohol

by Prima Games Staff

When Kyle Crane first wakes up players should feel free to look around a bit, talking to two NPCs that are located in the main hall. The woman will provide some insight into the current situation outside the walls of the Tower.

Go See “The Boss” in Room 190

Players will currently find themselves on the 18th floor, but it’s on the 19th that they can expect to complete their objective. Find the stairwell and head up, then look for Room 190. It’s easily identifiable by the guard sitting outside.

Head into the room to speak to Rahim, then spend a few moments exploring, paying special attention to the balcony. It’s there that players can snag their first collectible, a Zombie Statue. The game has a total of 100 of these, but we’ll be saving that walkthrough for another article, choosing instead to focus on the main story missions for now.

Check the 13th Floor for the Lost Survivor

Head east to find an elevator that is guarded by two men, then take a ride down to the 13th floor. With melee weapon in hand, move toward the commotion, then proceed to score Kyle Crane’s first kill by bashing the zombie in the head, multiple times if necessary. With the creature down for the count, head through the door and speak to Mark.

Find Gauze and Alcohol to Create a Medkit

It looks like Mark’s a bleeder, so crafting a Medkit is advisable. Head out and search the other two apartments for the Gauze and Alcohol required, then open the menu and use the Blueprints option to complete the crafting process. Bring the Medkit back to Mark in order to put this objective to bed.

Tip: When scavenging for supplies it’s a good idea to use the Survivor Sense, a game mechanic that will allow Kyle to easily locate items of interest in the immediate area. PS4 users can activate this using the (X) button, while Xbox One players will press the (A) button.

Talk to Rahim and then Change Your Clothes

Head out to Room 194 and locate Crane’s Stash. This is where players can change outfits or store items for use at a later time. Change into the outfit that Rahim requested in order to complete the objective.

Meet Rahim on the Tower Roof and Learn How to Run

This part is pretty much just an in-game tutorial to help players learn some of the basics of movement in Dying Light. Follow the on-screen prompts to walk across the crane, then jump after Rahim to progress to Kyle’s next task. Keep in mind that the more free running Crane does, the more Agility points he’ll earn to help him survive outside of the Safe Zone.

Pass the Parkour Test

The parkour test is nothing more than a continuation of the training that players went through with the last objective, only with a slight bump in difficulty. The good news is there aren’t any zombies to worry about, meaning Kyle can focus on perfecting the free running mechanics he’ll have to rely on through the remainder of the campaign. Follow Rahim’s arrows, as well as the on-screen instructions to finish the test.

Talk to Rahim and Take the Elevator to the Ground Level

Head back across the crane and meet up with Rahim for a quick chat, then walk down to the 19th floor and hop on the elevator. This will deliver players to the ground level, at which point the Quartermaster will give Mr. Crane a Rusty French Wrench, and perhaps a couple of other useful items.

Get a Shot of Antizin from Dr. Zere

By exiting the Tower and turning left players will be on a direct course for a Safe Zone that houses Dr. Zere and his research. There are a few slow moving zombies in the way, but it’s only a small problem with this newfound free running and parkour knowledge.

Tip: Be sure to look at the map for a waypoint to the current objective that Kyle Crane must complete. Custom waypoints can also be placed if players have more pressing, non-objective based ideas in mind.

Before heading inside the trailer to get the shot of Antizin, why not climb up on the roof and snag the Blueprint for Zazhigalka? Be sure to take a look at what this new recipe can do by opening up the Blueprints section of the character screen.

After exiting the trailer with Dr. Zere Kyle will check in with Rahim, something that will bring about the end of the mission. Feel free to return to our Dying Light walkthrough, or jump right into Mission 2: First Assignment.

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