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The Division Tech Mission – Times Square Power Relay

by Bryan Dawson

The Times Square Power Relay mission is where The Division starts to spread the mission levels out a bit. Before you go on this mission you may want to complete a few side missions to level up a bit. It’s still very possible to complete this mission at lower levels, especially if you have friends with you, but if you have trouble completing the mission, go through a few side missions to gain a level or two, then try again.

  • Enter Times Square subway.
  • Turn off the power.
  • Find the CCTV footage.
  • Locate a WarrenGate van.
  • Re-plug the fuse.
  • Defend the area.

Hop over the turnstyle and head down the escalator to engage the first group of Rikers. Follow the waypoint markers to the power switch and turn it off. Your next task is to find the CCTV footage. Head up the escalators to find a restock crate dead ahead and the area surrounded by hostile forces.

Clear out the hostiles then head inside the building next to the top of the escalators and access the keyboard to find the CCTV footage. Follow the markers to locate the WarrenGate van, but you’ll need to clear out the Rikers along the way first. The van is located down the street on the left.

Pick up the components next to the van and more Rikers will attack from the north side of the street. Move up to the closest cover, then put down the components so you can attack the Rikers with your primary weapons. Once the enemies are down, pick up the components and move to the north side of the street to find a few more Rikers getting in your way.

Clear the next group of Rikers and move toward your destination again to spawn one last group of Rikers. Remove the hostiles and place the components in the designated location. Once that’s done the final group of Rikers attack from the north and northwest side of the street. They will attack in multiple waves with the final wave consisting of two enemies with overshields. Stay behind cover and use Pulse to ensure none of the Rikers sneak up on you and this shouldn’t be too much trouble.

The overshield enemies have high-powered weaponry so make sure you don’t move away from your cover for long periods of time when you see their lights pointed toward you. Usually they will fire three times before going behind their cover. Fire off a burst between shots to inflict damage, then go back to your cover. Defeat all of the enemies to complete the mission.

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