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The Division Story Mission: Get Activated

by Bryan Dawson

The Division retail release does not begin at the same place where the beta started. Instead you start with a tutorial level or sorts for the Get Activated mission. This portion of the game essentially walks you through the basics and teaches you how to play. Be sure to check out our Division guide hub for other mission walkthroughs if you’re already further along in the game.

To start things off, move forward and take cover at the red news stand knocked on its side just ahead. Shoot at the bottles on the stand to the left to test your weapon the double tap Y or Triangle to switch to your handgun and fire it at the marked location to the right of the previous fire test bottles.

Safe House: Plymouth Rock

  • Check in with JTF at the safe house.
  • Enter the safe house.
  • Make contact with Division Agent Faye Lau.

Your next objective is to head to the safe house. Before you go, make note of the light purple icon on the mini-map that looks like an “i”. This icon indicates a location where you can restock your ammunition. At the moment you should not need to do so, but be on the lookout for these icons when you are low on ammo.

Head around the corner as you make your way past the white van and on to the yellow objective marker. Once you get to the safe house, jump over the objects in your way and head upstairs. Open the door to the left, then move toward the door on the far right where the marker is located.

  • Complete the activation.
  • Report to Officer Hazen.

After the cut scene head through the doorway to the left and verify your identity at the laptop on the table. You can request a situation report from the officer behind the desk. This marks a multitude of side missions on your map, which will save you time later.

Turn around and restock your ammo at the crate by the door. If you haven’t already, make sure you equip a skill. You can check out our skill guide if you’re having trouble determining which skill you should start with. You need to complete the three available side missions and reach level 3 before you can continue with the main story.

Precinct Siege

  • Reach the parking garage.
  • Secure the parking garage.
  • Find the hostages.

Once you’re level 3 you can start the Precinct Siege mission. Head to the waypoint marker on the map and climb up the ladder directly ahead for a better vantage point as you engage the incoming hostiles. Clear the area then follow the waypoints to the next location to engage another group of hostiles.

When the second group is clear head toward the parking garage entrance. To the right of the entrance is a restock crate. Be sure to restock if you’ve used as much ammo as we assume you have. Head down into the garage and prepare to engage another group of enemies.

Clear the hostiles then move through the building and toward the cells in the back to find the hostages. Use the keyboard in the office to free the hostages, then head back upstairs to kill a few more enemies.

  • Sweep the upper floors.
  • Neutralize the leader of the rioters.
  • Climb down the building.

Backup will arrive twice, but you shouldn’t have much trouble with the next group of enemies. Once they’re down all you have left to do is clear out the boss. Of course, the boss is not alone. You’ll need to deal with one group of hostiles before you can engage the boss who shows up with the first set of reinforcements.

Take down the boss and his crew, then head to the far right corner of the rooftop and release the rope so you can climb down and complete the mission.

Manhattan Transfer

  • Go to Manhattan.

Head through two gates to reach Manhattan and trigger a cut scene. If you played the beta of The Division, this is where you began, at the official opening cut-scene for The Division. From here you can continue on to the next mission, Base of Operations, or head back to our Division walkthrough and guide hub for more tips, tricks and advice!

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