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The Division Gets New Modes, Map, and More This Week

by Josh Hawkins

The Division has seen quite a few changes come its way since the game’s original release, and Ubisoft isn’t ready to let the shoot and loot experience fade away, and players can expect a new update to drop early this week.

Update 1.8 is a pretty big update, according to the intel that’s been released so far, and fans have quite a bit to look forward to. Most notable are a new area, a new game mode, and even a new PvP mode for players to enjoy.

Changes Coming with Update 1.8

One of the first big changes coming to the game is the addition of the West Side Piers, a new PvE map expansion that sees players exploring the western coast of Manhattan. Here Agents will experience new narrative elements, including enemy factions working together for the first time. This will be the first time that the enemies have colluded in The Division, and its sure to bring some interesting combinations as fans explore the new area.

On top of new PvE content, players will also get to experience 4v4 Team Deathmatch in The Division’s new Skirmish mode, which will give players access to three arenas where they can go head to head against other players in matches where the first team to score 20 kills walks away the victor.

The game will also get some new gear optimization, with players being given additional tools to help them craft the perfect build for their playstyle. The Rogue system will also get a complete revamp, allowing users the chance to choose whether to follow their teammates into Rogue situations. The new Rogue system—aptly dubbed Rogue 2.0—will also include some changes to help make it harder to ‘accidentally’ go Rogue. This is an issue that has plagued the Dark Zone for a while, so we’re sure fans will be happy to see that change coming.

You can learn the full details surrounding The Division update 1.8 by heading over to the official blog wrap-up, where you’ll find in-depth details on the changes coming to the game. The game is also set to receive a free-to-play weekend as well, so new players can dive into the game and experience the changes that have been made right from the start.

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