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Ubisoft Announces New Free-To-Play Game, The Division Heartland

by Morgan Shaver

In a news post today from Ubisoft, a brand new game set in The Division universe was announced called Tom Clancy’s The Division Heartland. The game will be available sometime later in 2021-22 and will be free-to-play on consoles, PC, and cloud. 

Ubisoft Announces New Free-To-Play Game, The Division Heartland

Announced today by Ubisoft, Tom Clancy’s The Division Heartland will be a free-to-play game available on PC, consoles, and cloud in 2021-22. The goal with The Division Heartland is to “introduce The Division to even more players” and if you’re curious about the game, sign-ups are available now to participate in its early test phases

“While work continues on The Division 2, other Ubisoft teams have been exploring additional ways to introduce The Division to even more players,” the news post from Ubisoft explains.

“Today, we’re pleased to share that Tom Clancy’s The Division Heartland, a free-to-play game set in The Division universe, is in development at our Red Storm studio. Having worked on Tom Clancy games since 1997, its extensive experience across numerous genres and games, most recently The Division and The Division 2, makes Red Storm a perfect fit for this project.

Heartland is a standalone game that doesn’t require previous experience with the series but will provide an all new perspective on the universe in a new setting. The game will be made available in 2021-22 on PC, consoles, and cloud. Those interested in participating in its early test phases can sign up here.”

Ubisoft went on to touch on a few other Division-related subjects, like how The Division is getting a mobile release. As for when The Division will be available on mobile, that has yet to be announced. Ubisoft says they’ll have more details on the mobile release of The Division at a later date. 

For fans of The Division 2, a plethora of new content is coming to the game in the form of an update that adds in a new game mode, new ways to level up your agents, and more. 

“As previously announced, brand new content will be coming to The Division 2, with development led by Ubisoft Massive and support from Ubisoft Bucharest.

While it’s still too early to discuss any specific details, this update will include an entirely new game mode for The Division franchise and new methods for levelling your agents with an emphasis on increasing build variety and viability. We look forward to revealing more later this year ahead of this content’s late 2021 release.”

The Division is also getting a film adaptation courtesy of Netflix and Ubisoft Film & Television. The film’s contents will center around the events of the original game and will star powerhouse actors Jessica Chastain and Jake Gyllenhaal with Rawson Marshall Thurber serving as the film’s director. 

If you’re more of a book person than a film person, Ubisoft confirmed that an original novel set after the events of The Division 2 is in the works courtesy of Aconyte. The story will reportedly elaborate upon how the Outbreak affected different regions of the United States, “as agents fight to secure supply routes.” 

Ubisoft has made it clear in their news post that they aim to expand The Division universe as much as possible, so if you’re a fan of The Division, you can look forward to a lot more content in the near future. After reading through the news post from Ubisoft, we’re curious to hear what you think about everything that was announced.

Are you looking forward to the free-to-play game The Division Heartland? What about the next update for The Division 2? Do you plan to check out The Division movie and/or book? Let us know on our social media channels including Facebook and Twitter

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