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The Division Medical Mission – Amherst’s Apartment

by Bryan Dawson

In the medical mission, Amherst’s Apartment, you’ll be battling against the Cleaners again as you work to extract an item from the apartment while fending off hostile forces. This is another one of the shorter missions in the game, allowing you to quickly move through it, pick up your experience points and get on to the next mission.

  • Investigate Amherst’s apartment.
  • Secure entrance to the building.
  • Reach Amherst’s apartment.
  • Search the apartment for evidence.
  • Extract the evidence.
  • Clear out remaining Cleaners.

When you arrive at the mission start point, investigate Amherst’s apartment, then take out the Cleaners at the entrance. With the Cleaners down, head up the small staircase and into the building. Head through the building and out the opposite side to find more Cleaners just outside. There are enemies with overshields in this group. Back up to the main entrance of the apartment building if you get too overwhelmed with enemies here.

Once all of the enemies have been cleared out, follow the markers to the lower level to find two hostages near a loot bag and an ammo crate. Continue to follow the markers toward the stairs. Before you head up the stairs move down the hallway just left of the stairs to find a loot bag to the right and a loot crate over the table to the left.

Collect the loot, then up the stairs and back outside to find several more Cleaners. Finish them off then climb up the walls to the south so you can reach the fire escape and climb up into the apartment building. Climb in through the window at the top of the fire escape and look around the apartment here. Move out into the hallway and continue up the stairs to the next floor. The apartment you’re looking for is the first one on the right. Before you go in, collect the loot from the bag on the far side of the hallway.

Pick up the evidence on the ground on the northwest side of the apartment, then head out the window and onto the roof. There’s an ammo crate in the middle of the roof if you need to restock, otherwise continue to follow the markers up to the roof directly northwest to find a group of Cleaners.

Take down the hostiles and continue following the markers to the edge of the roof. Drop down to the open floor below and more through the building and up the adjacent staircase. This is a no respawn zone, so be ready for combat. Stop at the window at the top of the stairs to take down the Cleaners on the lower level.

You should be able to take out most of the Cleaners from your high perch just outside the window. Once the helicopter arrives drop down or take the stairs back down to the floor below and extract the evidence just like you would with a Dark Zone extraction. Be careful as more hostile forces will move in to stop the extraction including a few with overshields and high-powered weapons. Extract the evidence and clear out the hostiles to complete the mission.

Continue on to the next mission (coming soon), or head back to our Division walkthrough and guide for information on using consumables, surviving the Dark Zone and more!

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