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Destiny – Valus Trau’ug Boss Fight

by Prima Games Staff

This article will show you how to defeat Valus Trau’ug in the final boss fight at level 32 or level 34. Since the Prison of Elders switches up each week, the level and circumstances in which you encounter this foe can change. For this reason we won’t be helping you through the first four waves of the fight, but we will give you tested strategies to kill the final boss.

Defeat Valus Trau’ug

Even at level 34, this is by far the easiest fight you can get yourself into as far as bosses go in the Prison of Elders. The reason for this is because the gimmick used by this enemy is not something that will directly impact you or your Fireteam. That is to say, Valus Trau’ug will not taint you, imprison you, slow down your movement speed, or anything else. What this boss does is generate a new shield each time you take it down and damage him, only the shield will be a different element. You may start off having to take down his Solar shield, and then have to deal with an Arc shield a little later on. The only adjustment that you and your Fireteam have to make is swapping weapons out to remain effective.

After exiting the airlock and entering the arena, head to your left and set up shop in that area with the half wall flanked by two openings. Our Fireteam intended to stay here, but we soon found that moving from one side of the playable area to the other was valuable. This allowed us to engage the adds (enemies other than the boss himself) in a more controlled manner, and that is all you’re going to do when you begin. Do not bother to damage the boss. Kill every single add that spawns until Valus Trau’ug is the only enemy left.

Once he’s isolated, have one member of your Fireteam take down Valus Trau’ug’s shield. We used a Fusion Rifle for this. When the shield drops, all three members of your team need to unload into him with your most powerful Rocket Launchers. If Gjallarhorns are an option, use those, but just make sure to hit him with everything you have. It won’t be long before his shield returns.

When Valus Trau’ug regains his shield, identify what type of damage it requires (Arc, Solar or Void) and plan to swap weapons to take it down. Before taking it down, however, make sure to eliminate all of the new adds that have spawned in. Kill every single one of them, and then repeat the process of bringing down Valus Trau’ug’s shield and dealing damage. That is this entire fight in a nutshell.

Depending on how quickly you deal with the adds, and how much damage you can do to the boss, this fight can take a little while, but it shouldn’t be hard. Staying alive is your primary concern. Be safe and work on the adds, moving from one end of the arena to the other to avoid getting overrun by the very aggressive Cabal. When the place is clear, pick up any Heavy Ammo that drops and lay a beating on Valus Trau’ug.

As the fight ends, make your way back to the airlock so you can enter the Treasure Room. If you forgot to bring your Treasure Key, don’t let your Fireteam members open the chests until you can use the Destiny companion app to transfer one from another character to your vault, and then your vault to your current Guardian.

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