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Destiny: The Taken King Hunter Quest – The Nightstalker’s Trail

by Prima Games Staff

Destiny: The Taken King is available worldwide and we’ll help you beat the Hunter subclass quest known as the Nightstalker’s Trail. In order to access it, you must finish story quest, The Coming War.

After completing The Coming War, go to the Tower and chat with Cayde-6 in the Hall of Guardians. Accept the Nightstalker’s Trail quest and you are officially on your way to receiving the Nightstalker subclass. From here, go to Orbit.

Plot a course for Venus and select the mission you haven’t beaten yet. Watch the cut scene and then spawn into Campus 9. Push forward a bit and you come to the Endless Steps. Vex will appear, but these enemies won’t pose much of a threat. 

Ascend the Endless Steps and wait until you see the familiar Respawning Restricted message. Now turn around and battle more Vex. A Year 1 Exotic will definitely get the job done. With everything dead, go up the Endless Steps yet again until you see a gate. There’s a Ghost nearby, and deploying yours will end the first section of this quest.

Now you head to another area of Venus, a place that bears a striking resemblance to a PvP environment. Battle the enemies in your way until you find Tevis. Watch the cut scene and then prepare to play around with the Nightstalker subclass. 

To use the Nightstalker super ability, press L1 and R1 (or Left Bumper and Right Bumper depending on the platform) to activate it, then watch as your Hunter unleashes an arrow towards whatever you place within the targeting reticule. Should you barely miss, the arrow will tether enemies to keep them from moving around too much. This is extremely valuable against Wizards.

Now return to the middle of the area. If you play a lot of Crucible, this is where the B flag resides. Enemies will appear, giving you the chance to bring the pain with your newfound super ability. Since it recharges in roughly five seconds, we strongly suggest using it as much as possible. 

Kill all of the aliens to beat this quest. Doing this sends you back to Orbit, and from here, you should visit the Tower and talk to Cayde-6 again to receive the Nightstalker’s Cloak. 

If you play with another class in Destiny, we have walkthroughs for both the Warlock (A Storm in the Shadow) and the Titan (A March of Fire). Otherwise, go to Prima’s Destiny: The Taken King Walkthrough and Guide.

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