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Destiny: The Taken King Echo Chamber Strike – Find Relics, Beat the Restorative Mind

by Prima Games Staff

This feature will tell you how to beat the Echo Chamber Strike in Destiny: The Taken King. Echo Chamber is currently a PlayStation exclusive Strike, but may appear on Xbox platforms in 2016. Similar to other Strikes in Destiny, you will need to create a fire team of three people or allow the game to match you up with two other Guardians. The Echo Chamber Strike sends you to Venus, where you seek to prevent the Vex from building a bridge to summon a Nexus Mind. 

You begin inside the Waking Ruins. Go right and into a glowing circular passageway. Follow the corridor to Campus 9, and prepare to battle some Shanks, Fallen Vandals and a Captain. We strongly suggest taking the high ground to gain a big advantage on these adversaries, picking them off from a relatively safe distance. 

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Now you must track down an Arc source in the hope of shorting the barriers. Stick to the riverbed and go through a small entryway into a cave beneath a building. Kill the two Axis Harpies inside. Find the Arc source and bring it to the barrier; the player carrying it will move much slower than the other two. Because of this, you need to defend this person at all costs from the Fallen. 

Switch off the barrier, head to the next location and collect the Relic to disrupt the Vex gate. This results in Vex attacking your fire team, with a group that includes multiple Goblins and a Minotaur. Kill everything and walk into the open courtyard with the portal. More Goblins attack, and a Hydra appears to make the fight even tougher. Communicate effectively and your team will have little trouble slaughtering everything that moves.

From here, walk to the next waypoint, head to the container on the right and pick up the Arc source. Bring this orb to the next barrier, and if someone else has it, watch his or her back. Vex will show up, so use cover when it’s available, and instruct the orb carrier to do the same. 

Use the Relic to interfere with the barrier, then approach the endless steps. There are more Vex Goblins to deal with, along with yet another barrier. While approaching, be mindful of the Vex Cyclops below. Maintain the high ground and pick off the Cyclops from range; use the rocks for cover. The Relic carrier can toss grenades if he or she wants. 

Take out all of the enemies, Cyclops included, and go to the next Arc source. Leap over the gap, go right and pick up the Relic. Dregs show up, and you need to blast these guys immediately to protect the Guardian with the Arc. 

Proceed to the next area and take the long staircase, otherwise known as the Endless Steps. Expect to meet two additional Cyclops while en route.

Kill Theosyion, the Restorative Mind

When you reach the top of the stairs, go left and you’ll head through a narrow passageway leading to the Echo Chamber. Shoot the Harpies and walk up to the time bridge. Pick up one last Relic on the left and put it onto the capacitor on the right; doing this messes with the time bridge. This brings out the Restorative Mind, also known as Theosyion. 

Remain far away and avoid Theosyion’s lasers. Don’t bother returning fire because the Restorative Mind is immune, and you need to incapacitate its defenses. 

Theosyion responds by calling Vex Goblins. Kill these minions until a prompt instructs you to acquire a Relic from a pillar. Do this and watch as Theosyion changes form. Now you can damage the boss by shooting its face. Do whatever it takes to distract this enemy from the Relic carrier, unless you have the Relic, of course. 

When you deplete most of Theosyion’s health, the boss with vanish into the time bridge and more Vex will show up. Additionally, the battle arena rotates similar to a revolving door. Immediately grab the Relic and use the pillars for cover, not only from Vex, but also Theosyion.

Bring the Relic to the assigned locations while chipping away at the boss. Eventually the Restorative Mind will perish and you will hopefully score some loot.

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