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Destiny: The Taken King – The Coming War Story Mission

by Prima Games Staff

Welcome, Guardian. The Coming War is the first story mission in Activision and Bungie’s Destiny expansion, The Taken King. This feature will provide step-by-step instructions for beating The Coming War. Naturally, we hope you pick up some cool loot along the way.

During The Taken King prologue, you will meet Oryx and encounter Awoken attacking his menacing Dreadnaught ship. The action kicks off with a distress signal sent from a Cabal base located on Phobos. This is the first we ever heard of the Cabal signaling for help, so things must be bad.

When you reach Phobos, your first objective is to infiltrate the Cabal base. Proceed forward from the starting point and make note of the corpses. Upon reaching the entrance to this place, the game reminds you of the option to bring up your Ghost Link, but you probably knew about this long ago.

Enter the base and investigate. Head into the room on the right and check out the weird  space matter and debris; you can’t miss this stuff, since it sparkles.  Listen to what Eris Morn (CROTAAAA!!!) has to say and move on.

Proceed through the corridor until you discover a circular room where Oryx makes his grand debut. You won’t fight The Taken King. Instead, he summons Taken Psion minions and a creature called Syrok, also known as the Word of Oryx. These guys fight differently than other enemies in the game, but your strategy is mostly the same. Open fire and take cover when necessary. If you are level 34 or higher, this battle won’t be too difficult.

Kill Syrok and the other Taken, then prepare to fight more of Oryx’s goons as you flee the base. Head back the way you came, making sure the Taken Phalanxes don’t whack you with their shields.

You’ll go outside and slaughter Taken all the way back to the rescue ship. Reach this ship and The Coming War concludes with a cool cinematic starring Oryx and The Taken. Your buddies back at the Tower also discuss sending a Guardian to the Dreadnaught ship, and yes, it’s you.

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