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Destiny: Rise of Iron – How to Beat Vosik Raid Boss, Voltage Rising, SIVA Charge

by Prima Games Staff

Destiny: Rise of Iron released last Tuesday, followed by the release of the game’s newest end-game raid. Raids are massive six person events that require teamwork, communication, and skill to complete. Like the previous raids in the Destiny storyline, Wrath of the Machine features several different areas that players will need to complete and progress through until they reach the final boss of the raid. This article details the first and second encounters of the Wrath of the Machine raid, and offer tips to help you take down Vosik the Archpriest.

Vosik First Encounter Tips

Once you start up the Wrath of the Machine raid, and begin the first encounter, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • There are three spinners in this area that you will need to charge completely. Charging works similar to the Energy Spike Patrols that were first introduced with Destiny: The Taken King. 
  • Since there are three spinners, you should always have one person guarding each charging area to protect it from large shanks that will drain the charge from the spinners. You can then have the additional three Fireteam members running around grabbing charges.
  • Once a charge is at maximum, unleash it into a spinner station to charge up the spinner.
  • After all three spinners are charged, they will release SIVA Charge “bombs”, which can be thrown at Vosik to take down his shield.
  • After Vosik’s Shield is removed, attack the boss with your strongest weapons. 
  • Rinse and repeat.

Vosik First Encounter Walkthrough

Now that you understand the basic premise behind the fight, let’s dive a bit deeper into it.

Once you arrive at the first encounter, have your six Fireteam members split into three groups of two. One group should go left, one should go right, and the other group should stay center. From here you need to decide upon one person from each group to run charges. This person is responsible for running through the pillars of light around the arena, and then unleashing that charge into the appropriate spinner when it is fully charged.

When you start running through the charge pads, you will enter a Voltage Rising phase. During this time a countdown will be present on your screen. You must reach full charge and release the charge into the spinner before the timer reaches zero. Once you are fully charged you will enter the Voltage Maxed phase. It should only take four pads for each runner to reach max charge.

While the runners are busy gaining charges and delivering them to the spinners, it is extremely important for the other members of each group to take out the enemies that spawn and arrive in the arena. These enemies include Vandals, Shanks, and a new enemy, the Voltage Eater. The Voltage Eater, which is basically a giant Shank, will slowly push towards the spinners in the arena. If it gets too close it will begin draining the charge from the spinner. If they drain it all the way, the spinner will need to be fully charged again.

After all three spinners have been fully charged, the stations will dispense SIVA Charge bombs. These items can then be thrown at Vosik to remove his shield, allowing the players to damage him. Once you have damaged him enough, Vosik will retreat into the raid, and the main door will unlock, allowing you to proceed further into the new raid.

Find Vosik’s Lair

Once you’ve finished the first encounter, you can return here to continue your adventure through the new raid. After Vosik retreats you will be tasked with finding his lair and completing the battle. You’ll need to head up into the raid area, and through a simple jump puzzle. This is a pretty easy jump puzzle, compared to the one in the King’s Fall raid, so just take things one platform at a time and you shouldn’t have much trouble. There is a chest just before the first jump puzzle. Most players report only getting SIVA items and Engrams, however, we received an Exotic Warlock Helmet on our first time through, so the items gained may vary. After looting the chest, continue through the jump puzzle to find the Vosik’s lair and start the next encounter.

Vosik Second Encounter Tips

Before you dive into this next encounter, be sure to take a look at the tips we’ve offered below.

  • Split into three teams of two. One goes left, one goes middle, and one goes right.
  • After a certain amount of time, SIVA Charge bombs will fall in each section. One person should grab it while the other takes down and adds in the area.
  • You must throw the bombs at Vosik at the same time, otherwise you won’t be able to bring his shield down.
  • After each bomb throw, watch the monitors behind him for one to light up. Shoot that monitor to discharge the SIVA density.
  • When each contamination phase begins (SIVA Density Critical warning will appear on screen) players must run to the nearest chamber that is lit up. Two chambers will light up each time. They can appear on either the left or right side. Shoot the control panel by the door to keep yourself from dying, but be sure to wait for all your teammates as they will not be able to get through once you activate the door.
  • Repeat this process until Vosik has been defeated.

Vosik Second Encounter Walkthrough

The second phase of the Vosik fight is very similar to the first. Players will need to split into three groups again, with two in each area. Groups should designate a shooter and bomb thrower. The Shooter should only go for the bomb if the bomb thrower wipes in some way. When the bombs fall, all three groups should be in constant communication to make sure they are throwing them at the same time.

After you have thrown the bombs, one of the monitors behind Vosik will light up with a symbol. Players will need to destroy this monitor to keep Vosik from spawning his oversoul style attack (similar to the one in Crota’s End). You will repeat this process until Vosik’s shields have been completely destroyed. At that time, you should hit him with everything you have. While you are doing damage to Vosik, have two players keeping a constant eye on the side chambers on the left and right side of the arena. Two rooms in the arena will light up as Vosik readies his attack. Players must get into these rooms and shoot the control panel to the right of the door to quarantine the room and survive the attack.

Once the SIVA Density Critical phase has ended, head back out into the arena and repeat the process again. If you keep things running smoothly, and deal enough damage in each damage phase, then you shouldn’t have any trouble taking Vosik out before he enrages. After you have defeated Vosik, a gear chest will spawn in the center of the arena. Open it to receive raid-specific armor or weapons. Head back to our Destiny: Rise of Iron walkthrough for more tips, tricks, and guides (including our Wrath of the Machine raid guide) to help you make the most of the new content in Bungie’s shoot and loot adventure.

This concludes our guide to Vosik, the Archpriest. He is the first boss of the new Wrath of the Machine raid. Once you have taken him down, continue forward through the raid to find another jumping puzzle. After you have finished this simple puzzle you will find yourself in the next section of the raid, where you will need to complete the Siege Engine encounter. We’ll have more details about the raid, and each section of it in the coming days, so check back often for new information, walkthroughs, and tips. Destiny: Rise of Iron is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One exclusively.

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