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Destiny Daily Bounty Guide – Walking Tall

by Prima Games Staff

You’ve logged into Destiny and arrived at the Tower. Maybe you need to pop in and visit Xur, that crafty Agent of the Nine, or just hit up Eris and Xander 99-40 for a few bounties. Luckily, we put our try hard pants on and decided to help you do just that. We’re not following a set order, but our goal is to eventually cover every bounty that you can pick up from any of the vendors at the Tower. Today, we’ll work on Walking Tall, requiring your to complete any strike without dying.

Walking Tall Vanguard Bounty

The easiest place to complete this bounty will be on Earth, taking on The Devil’s Lair strike. If you’re even a level 20, you’re going to be able to solo this without dying, but you’ll often find yourself teamed up with one or two other players who are trying to knock off the same activity.

The hardest part involves staying alive during the first major battle that takes place between the Hive and Fallen. Enemies tend to come from all directions and in large quantities, meaning that it’s easy to find yourself overwhelmed and being smacked in the brain by a Captain. Movement is key, but you can also seek cover by jumping up on a catwalk at the far end of the room from where you entered. Enemies will attack you here, but it’s a pretty solid place to chill out and catch your breath.

The next big battle is against the Devil Walker, and the only danger here is letting it one shot you. For this reason, we advise heading to the right side when you enter the area, then moving all the way forward and into the corner. This will give you a good look at its legs (the critical hit points), and the rest of the of the enemies won’t be able to hurt you.

The final part of the strike will be against Sepiks Prime, but the good news is this foe isn’t likely to one shot you unless you’re a very low level. If you find yourself in danger, just run and jump around until you are able to regain your health. Remember, it doesn’t matter how long it takes, just that you don’t die in the process.

When the strike is over be sure to run around and collect all the dropped ammunition, as well as look under the platform for a Gold Chest, which we can show you how to find. If this isn’t the first time you’ve done the strike, don’t expect any rewards. Return to the Tower and turn the bounty into Xander 99-40 for some XP and Vanguard reputation.

For more information on Destiny, be sure to keep a tab open to Prima Games. We covered just about everything that you could ever need to reach that maximum light level.

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