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Destiny Daily Bounty Guide – One for All

by Prima Games Staff

There will come a time when ranking up your Vanguard reputation doesn’t seem to be worth the effort, and that’s exactly when Bungie is going to throw you a curve ball. Our point? You should pay Xander 99-40 a visit just about every day. Even if you don’t see the benefit for your level 32 Titan, you can always transfer the commendations to a lower level character. Sharing is caring.

Today, we’re going to walk you through how to complete the One for All Bounty, requiring Guardians to achieve a Gold Tier Rating in three public events. You might also want to check out some of our other walkthrough articles below.

One for All Vanguard Bounty

This is fairly simple, but can get frustrating if you’re in a hurry to get it done. The biggest problem with public events is normally finding them, which is why the Destiny Public Events website is about the greatest resource out there (besides this walkthrough).

Your best bet is to load up the website on a second monitor, laptop or tablet, then head out to a location where you also have one of the patrol bounties active. For example, if you have the Patrol Mars Bounty active, head to that planet, then use the site to find out where and when the next Public Event will kick off; you can busy yourself with missions while you’re waiting. Once the event is underway, however, you’ll find yourself with several possible objectives.

Defeat the Extraction Crews

This event is definitely lower on the difficulty scale, especially if you have several players in the area who are willing to help out.

To complete the objective, look for an extraction point marked by a hovering extractor. Make your way there, then kill everything in the area within the one-minute timer. When that’s done, make your way to the next site. They’re easily spotted by the large ships above you.

To complete the event, you’ll need to take out between two and four extraction crews, and if successful you’ll earn a Gold Tier Rating for the event. The first time you do this each day you will get a reward at the postmaster, and each time you complete an event you stand a chance at earning materials, such as Ascendant Shards.

Destroy the Fallen Walker

Do you recall the first time you took on The Devil’s Lair strike on Earth? Remember the mechanical spider that seemed nearly impossible to kill? Yeah, that’s what this is, only you’re likely a high enough level that taking him out will be a piece of cake. Several players working together can get this done well within the time limit, but even one high level Guardian stands a chance to pull it off alone.

Don’t forget to focus on its legs to deal critical damage, aiming at the inner wiring when it becomes exposed. If you’re going alone, don’t be afraid to burn your Super Ability and Heavy Weapons on this guy. If there are lots of other players helping, simply shoot him one time and then relax. No point in wasting ammo while everyone else is doing all the heavy lifting.

Defend the WARSAT

This event can get pretty crazy only because you have to stand in a circle until a counter reaches 100. If you have several players helping, it’s really not that difficult. Start by deploying your Ghost to scan the machine, then stay inside the circle to progress things along. You’ll have to fight waves of enemies, each of which is more intense than the last, but it’s nothing that a Super Ability and Grenade can’t take care of. As with anything, higher-level characters will have an easier time at this.

If you end up trying to complete this event solo, start by having your Ghost scan the machine, then just move around in the circle until you hit 100 percent. Don’t bother trying to kill any of the enemies that will bring about a tougher wave. As long as the scan is complete within four minutes you don’t have to fire a shot.

Kill the Enemy Target

These events are wildly frustrating given that the target tends to just sprint away from you. It’s definitely the activity that you’ll fail the most, but as with anything, is made much easier with several high level players participating.

You’ll want to pull out all the stops here, using your Super Ability, Melee and Grenade. If your target has an elemental shield, match it with one of your weapons and take it down. Try to deal critical damage to make things easier on everyone involved. You’re given five minutes to complete this task, but often your foe will flee before you can make him dead.

Prevent Vex Sacrifices

The final event you may face is fairly straightforward, but can be complicated if you’re a lower level guardian. Again, strength in numbers is key, but so is dealing critical damage to your Vex enemies.

The goal here is to kill the Vex before they can reach the conflux, and even one doing so will see your Gold Tier Rating go right out the window. You’re again given five minutes to complete the task, but success or failure will most likely come far sooner than that. It’s another event where you shouldn’t be shy with your Super Ability, Grenades or Heavy Weapons, and coordinating who is using what and when with your fire team will increase the chances of success.

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