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Destiny Daily Bounty Guide – It’s All in the Head

by Prima Games Staff

Headshots have been a part of gaming as far back as we can recall, acting as some sort of bragging right to those who put their foes down with a bullet to the dome. Destiny takes this one step further, offering daily challenges for players to end their opponents with critical damage, although that doesn’t always mean with a round to the noggin.

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at the All in the Head bounty that can be obtained from Xander 99-40, the Vanguard bounty tracker at the Tower. This particular challenge will require players to kill 100 enemies with precision damage, rewarding them with 50 Vanguard reputation and 2,500 experience upon completion.

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It’s All in the Head Vanguard Bounty

The best part about this bounty is that it doesn’t have to be completed without dying, meaning you can pop it on and then ride it out. Most players are going to finish this during a few patrol missions on their favorite planets, but if you’re looking to complete it in the most efficient way possible, here are a few ideas that we use to make that happen.

First of all, get yourself a great Hand Cannon. What you consider to be a great weapon will depend on your current level, but for anyone hanging out above level 20, we’d advise at least legendary, possibly exotic. As it turns out, Xur was selling a good one at the Tower recently, but almost anything legendary or higher will be sufficient.

The reason we suggest the Hand Cannon is because it’s basically a six-shooter that fires one round every time you pull the trigger. It’s extremely powerful, but requires you to aim. Rather than heading out and shooting 400 enemies and hoping for 100 precision kills, the point here is that before you fire every shot, you’re intentionally aiming for a critical hit.

In terms of where to go, we’d suggest either Earth or Mars. If you want to head to Earth, make your way to Skywatch (location of the greatest loot cave of all time — RIP). It’s here where you’ll find the Fallen and Hive battling it out, meaning there is never a shortage of things to shoot, and all of them are vulnerable to projectiles in their skulls. In case you didn’t follow that, shoot them in the head.

The same can be said about the Legionary enemies on Mars. These are the large Cabal that don’t have the shields, and generally speaking they are killed with one round from a powerful Hand Cannon. The only major drawback is that they don’t spawn in the same numbers that enemies do at Skywatch, although there are usually less players to compete with for kills.

As our final piece of advice on this bounty, we suggest not worrying about it until you complete the Daily Heroic Mission and a few other bounties you might have. Equip it, then go about your business. If you find that you completed all your other tasks and still need 25 precision kills, head out to one of the locations we suggested and get to work.

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